Ericsson chosen as exclusive 3G supplier by Rogers AT&T Wireless

Ericsson today announced it has been chosen as the exclusive supplier for Rogers AT&T Wireless' third generation (3G) network rollout in Canada.

Under the terms of the agreement, which is the largest ever awarded to Ericsson in Canada, Ericsson will provide a complete GSM/GPRS network infrastructure, delivering fast, packet-based access to the mobile Internet. The agreement also provides that Ericsson will migrate Rogers AT&T Wireless' network to EDGE and UMTS for higher-speed 3G mobile

Internet applications. The three-year contract focuses on integrating Rogers AT&T Wireless' current network with state-of-the-art 3G technologies.

"Rogers AT&T Wireless is committed to providing the best possible suite of next-generation wireless products and services in Canada to all of our customers from coast-to-coast," said Bob Berner, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Rogers AT&T Wireless. "In order to select our network supplier for this extensive roll-out program, we ran a formal competitive bid process among multiple network vendors. After a comprehensive comparative analysis of network functionality, network evolution path, roll-out commitments, integration into our existing national network, and economic value, we chose Ericsson as the supplier best meeting our needs." "Along with our current leading national wireless voice, data, and messaging networks, we believe that this agreement with Ericsson will enable us to provide our customers with integrated wireless voice and 'always-on' packet data services, at higher data speeds, with greater functionality, and in more places, than any other competitor in Canada, and in the most timely and effective manner," added Berner. "This new agreement begins an exciting new chapter in our longstanding relationship with Rogers AT&T Wireless," said Vu Nguyen, Vice President and General Manager, Rogers AT&T Group, Ericsson Canada Inc.. "Through this agreement, we will provide end-to-end mobile Internet solutions, including network equipment and applications, and in doing so support this important partner in delivering 3G services to their customers."

Ericsson's end-to-end solutions for the mobile Internet include integrated IP backbone technology and advanced applications and services such as Mobile Portal, Mobile e-Commerce, Mobile Positioning, Unified Messaging and Web Browsing. The contract with Rogers AT&T Wireless underlines Ericsson's position as the world's leading supplier of 3G mobile systems. To date, Ericsson has over 20 commercial agreements for 3G-network equipment.

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