fourthchannel Announces Sell-Side E-Business Wireless Capabilities

Agreement with Shadowpack Enhances Sales and Order Management Capabilities; Expands Scope of E-Commerce Communities

fourthchannel, inc., a leading provider of hosted e-business selling solutions, has entered into a development alliance with Shadowpack, Inc., a leading wireless solutions provider.

The partnership extends the functionality of fourthchannel's e-business solutions suite, including catalog, order management, personalization, merchandising, and configuration, to users of a wide variety of wireless devices, including personal digital assistants (PDA), smart phones, pagers and Web tablets.

"This capability goes far beyond being able to check order status on wireless devices," said Jonathan York, Ph.D., fourthchannel chairman and CEO. "The addition of wireless functionality furthers our mission of helping our customers use the Internet to enhance the effectiveness of their sales channels and strengthen customer and partner relationships."

With the new wireless functionality, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and sales teams can access catalog information, retrieve current prices and create and manage pending orders, while on a sales call or in an office or warehouse. The wireless enhancement also supports fourthchannel's advanced configuration and assisted selling capabilities.

"The ability of fourthchannel's wireless enhancement to work with virtually any mobile device gives companies the necessary flexibility they need to easily integrate wireless solutions into their various sales channels," said Sheryl Kingstone, program manager with the Yankee Group's Customer Relationship Management Planning Service.

fourthchannel's solutions not only communicate with buyers and sellers through a standard HTML interface, but are also completely controllable through XML programming interfaces. fourthchannel uses those XML interfaces to communicate with Shadowpack's gateway and client technologies, which translate the information from fourthchannel into tailored displays for nearly every wireless device. With this combination of tools and access, sellers can custom-tailor user interfaces for their customers, with implementation time as short as a month.

"Shadowpack's customer engagement and development methodologies mesh well with fourthchannel's service offerings," said Lance W. Schneier, founder and chairman of Shadowpack. "Our focus on the user experience and custom application development allows us to take full advantage of the unique functionality of wireless devices. This is an ideal match for the growing wireless requirements of fourthchannel's customer base."

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