Global Leaders Go Wireless At World Economic Forum With AvantGo

World Economic Forum Delegates Use AvantGo's Mobile Infrastructure Software to Wirelessly Access Biographical Details, Contact Directories, Agendas and News from Handheld Devices

Mobile infrastructure software from AvantGo, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVGO) will help tighten relationships between world leaders at this year's meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

AvantGo has teamed up with the WEF, Compaq, Accenture and Microsoft to provide wireless access to key conference information and applications for the 2,200 political, business and academic leaders.

Using AvantGo on Compaq iPAQ Pocket PCs connected to a wireless local area network, the world's leaders will be able to access their fellow delegates' biographical details and photographs online and send each other emails directly from the device to set up meetings. Delegates will also receive real-time session updates and news and be able to access personalized agendas and contacts directories.

One of the key themes for the 2001 event is "the second phase of the digital revolution," looking at what lies ahead for the Internet and highlighting successful business models in the new economy. AvantGo CEO Richard Owen commented: "Mobile access to networked and Internet information is quickly becoming a key technology helping companies build stronger relationships with their workforces and customers.

"Delegates at WEF 2001 will be able to experience at first hand the advantages of mobile access to information and applications, which is bringing real economic benefits to organizations around the world."

Malte Godbersen, Director of Knowledge Management for the WEF, said: "AvantGo's business solutions will be a valuable aid for delegates when attending meetings and organizing their discussion session schedules. The ability to set agendas, access contact directories and keep up with developments on the move means that they'll be able to make the most of their time at the Annual Meeting."

AvantGo Enterprise offers instant access to networked applications and Web-based content for users of Palm OS and Windows-Powered Pocket PC devices and Internet-enabled mobile phones. Users connect either in real-time using a wireless connection or via their normal synchronization process with a desktop PC. Seamless connection between online and offline modes means users can either download data and read offline or connect wirelessly for the very latest information.

Comprising client and server applications, AvantGo Enterprise automatically consolidates, compresses and transfers essential information for mobile access. Central administration and security are key features. Using any Web browser and proper authentication, system administrators can roll out new applications and data to mobile users and groups of users. Featuring 128-bit and 56-bit SSL encryption, the updated server software delivers end-to-end security with the ability for administrators to store and transmit passwords securely.

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