GoAmerica Demonstrating Wireless Access Solution for Lotus Users Over Multiple Networks At Lotusphere in Orlando

GoAmerica, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOAM), a leading nationwide wireless data and Internet services provider, is demonstrating wireless access to Lotus Notes through Mobile Services for Domino (MSD), at the Lotusphere 2001 conference in Orlando, Florida.

GoAmerica's offering will enable enterprise workers to interact with critical corporate data when away from the office. The product is being demonstrated today, January 15, through January 18 at Lotus' booth, number C-423 and in the Unified Communications Lab.

"Lotus business products are among the most widely used software solutions in the enterprise market ... and until now, corporations have been unable to extend the value of those applications to their mobile employees," said Aaron Dobrinsky, chairman and CEO of GoAmerica. "We are thrilled to integrate Go.Web(TM) with the Lotus business product line, and are excited about offering customers secure and flexible wireless access to mission critical information."

GoAmerica's Go.Web service enables the mobile professional to securely access and process corporate data, send and receive email and browse the Internet when away from the office. The Go.Web technology intelligently compresses, encrypts and reformats data, optimizing it for viewing on a variety of wireless devices and data networks.

To demo Mobile Services for Domino while at Lotusphere 2001, please stop by the Lotus booth - number C-423 - or call Ilya Welfeld at 201-996-1717, ext. 2280, to schedule an appointment.

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