Meridian Project Systems Releases Prolog Pocket for Palm Handhelds

A New Tool for the Mobile AEC Professional

Meridian Project Systems(MPS) announces the availability of Prolog Pocket(TM) for Palm OS(R) handhelds. MPS, a leading solutions provider for the architecture, engineering and construction(AEC) industry, released the new software that takes advantage of the Palm(R) computing platform to address the unique needs of the highly mobile AEC industry.

With Prolog Pocket(TM), AEC professionals can manage and track many aspects of their jobs from the field using a handheld Palm(TM) computer, including

-- each company's labor hours, work performed and equipment

-- weather conditions

-- notable events and visitors

-- safety notices

-- notices to comply

-- punch lists

Prolog Pocket for Palm(TM) handhelds is an ideal management tool for superintendents, field engineers, quality inspectors, safety coordinators and architects or engineers who spend a lot of their time on the job site.

Prolog Pocket synchronizes with Prolog Manager, the AEC industry's leading project management application. By accessing the timesaving features of Prolog in the field or anywhere else the job takes them, construction professionals can be more efficient and productive. Entering field data using Prolog Pocket eliminates the need for clipboards and handwritten notes, saving time and effort.

"In construction, information must be collected in the field. Traditionally this information has been captured using paper and pencil, and then entered into files or computers back in the trailer or office," says Al Marshall, vice president of sales and marketing for MPS. "Now, with Prolog Pocket, this information can be captured digitally at the source, and then simply uploaded into the project database. This means that there are fewer errors, the data is captured sooner for better management decisions, and information management labor is reduced."

MPS partnered with Onsyss(R) Mobile Computing, an information systems consulting firm, to create this Prolog software for Palm(TM) devices. "The Palm(TM) handheld's easy-to-use interface has allowed it to capture more than three-fourths of the global handheld market," says John Cannito, president of Onsyss. "Prolog Pocket for Palm OS(R) handhelds extends the power of Prolog into the field where construction employees can be the most productive. Superintendents and field engineers can now spend more time on the job site and less time in the trailer in front of a computer screen."

Prolog Pocket for Palm OS(R) handhelds is available from Meridian Project Systems for $299. (MPS is offering an introductory special price of $249 until March 15, 2001.) For further information, visit or call (800)850-2660.

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