Metrowerks Releases New Tools for Palm OS Developers

Company Also Plans to Deliver Palm OS Tools Targeting Enterprise Application Development, New Palm OS Programming Course

Metrowerks, the leading supplier of commercial software development tools for the Palm OSŪ handheld computing platform, today announced a new set of tools that will make it easier for developers to create applications for the growing number of handheld devices on the market.

The company also announced today plans to release a version of its CodeWarriorŪ tool suite targeting enterprise application development on the Palm OS platform, as well as a new Palm OS programming course on its web site.

"Metrowerks' CodeWarrior development tools have played an important part in the proliferation of the Palm OS platform and the success of the Palm(TM) handheld computer," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director, platform alliances and partner services, Palm, Inc. "By providing an integrated development environment for the Palm OS platform, Metrowerks has enabled thousands of developers to create innovative applications for handheld computers."

CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform, Version 7.0, is the newest version of the popular development tool set that was used to create the original Palm OS platform. The new

tools will allow software developers to reach market quickly with applications for handheld devices based on the Palm OS platform, including: Palm Powered(TM) handhelds from Palm, Inc., the Handspring Visor, the IBM WorkPad, Kyocera's pdQ Smartphone, the Sony CLIE, the TRGpro handheld and Symbol Technologies' SPT handheld.

The most widely used development tool set for the Palm OS platform, CodeWarrior tools are used by more than 35,000 Palm OS developers worldwide.

The new tools are hosted on Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows and include an improved user interface that will make it easier for developers to create their applications and get them to market faster.

Stated Neil Rhodes, co-author, Palm Programming, the Developer's Guide: "I used the beta of CodeWarrior for Palm OS, Version 7.0, and was impressed with the improvements to the user interface, along with the ability to debug over USB. I plan on upgrading."

New features in CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform, Version 7.0

Palm OS Tools for Enterprise Applications

Metrowerks also announced plans to deliver an enterprise version of its CodeWarrior for Palm OS tools. This product will enable developers to create applications that connect Palm OS-based devices to enterprise databases and applications. The company expects to release the enterprise tools for Palm OS in the third quarter of 2001.

"Our goal with Version 7.0 of CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform is to deliver the industry's best, most complete tool set for developing applications for handheld devices," said Greg Stoner, vice president of marketing, Metrowerks. "Now, we will turn our attention to helping Palm OS developers expand their opportunities by delivering a set of tools that will enable them to create enterprise-class applications for handhelds using the same integrated development environment they already know and use."

The CodeWarrior for Palm OS enterprise tools will include the standard CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform tools, as well as Java tools, a CDK (Conduit Development Kit), and target support for x86 and 68K. Third party components will also be included.

Palm OS Programming Course

In addition to providing development tools for the Palm OS platform, Metrowerks plans to deliver a free Palm OS programming course in the first quarter of this year on its web site. The course, "Palm OS Programming With CodeWarrior," will provide instruction on writing C/C++ programs for the Palm OS platform. Programmers will become familiar with building, debugging and deploying Palm OS applications, and will learn how to create user interfaces and how to run Java programs on the Palm OS platform. The course is being developed and taught by Eric Giguere, author of Palm Database Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide.

With more than 60,000 registered users, ( is the world's largest resource for free, online courses in programming.

Pricing and Availability: CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform, Version 7.0

The CodeWarrior for Palm OS Platform, Version 7.0 tool set is available now for US$369 MSRP (U.S. manufacturer suggested retail price), direct from Metrowerks and from participating resellers. For more information, contact Metrowerks by telephone at 800-377-5416, or by e-mail at For pricing and availability outside the U.S. and Canada, please see the list of Metrowerks International Sales Offices at or send an e-mail to

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