Motorola Delivers the Future of Mobile Business Communications With the Introduction of the Accompli Personal Communicator 009

Ground-Breaking New Product Combines Tri-Band GSM Technology, GPRS, E-Mail, SMS and Phone Functionality for Complete Global Communication Capabilities

This weekend at the 33rd Annual Consumer Electronics Show, Motorola (NYSE:MOT) put the future of wireless global business communication in consumers' hands with the introduction of the AccompliT personal communicator, model 009.

The Accompli 009 is the first wireless communications device to incorporate both tri-band GSM and GPRS protocols, phone functionality, Internet access, e-mail and short message service (SMS) with a full QWERTY keyboard and 256-color screen.

Poised to capitalize on the rollout of GSM/GPRS networks in North America later this year, the Accompli 009 offers business users a first look at the new world of handheld communications that will be available with the introduction of global networks and high- speed data access to North America.

"With a never-before-seen combination of industry-leading technology, communication features and applications, the Accompli 009 will revolutionize the way the global professional conducts business away from the office," said Ron Garriques, vice president and general manager of product management, Personal Communications Sector, Motorola. "The Accompli 009 is the ultimate tool for multi-taskers who demand and count on the latest technology to make their lives easier."

With access to a full range of communication choices, Internet and intranet data, personal information and file management tools, the Accompli 009 enables businesspeople to efficiently manage their professions from the palms of their hands. Weighing less than six ounces and only as big as a pack of cards, the Accompli 009 offers business professionals a virtual mobile office that won't bulk up their briefcases.


The Accompli 009's tri-band GSM protocol ensures that users can stay connected in most major cities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa or the Americas. Simply changing the band setting automatically triggers a search of available networks in the immediate area.

GPRS technology offers "always on, always connected" Internet access, which eliminates the need for dialing up, provides high- speed data retrieval and results in lower costs since business users are charged for the packets of information transferred, not the time spent connected.

Built to Work

With 8 MB of flash memory, the Accompli 009 is designed to efficiently manage a variety of demanding remote office functions. >From accessing enterprise databases and e-mail to reviewing color photographs with the photo application, the Accompli 009 provides users with the power and memory to keep business moving whether they are in or out of the office.

The Accompli 009's POP3 e-mail toolkit allows users to configure their devices to manage up to 10 personal e-mail accounts. The Accompli 009 provides a mobile extension of existing e-mail accounts, allowing users to originate, read, forward, file and reply to e-mail, while keeping a copy of all messages on their desktop e-mail.

Communication with Convenience

A full QWERTY keyboard, 256-color screen and automatically backlit display offer premier viewing and navigating under any conditions. With an infrared data port, users can send and receive important documents by fax, print to compatible printers or beam business cards to compatible devices. The Accompli 009's phone functionality is easily employed with a hands-free headset or detachable speakerphone.

Have It Your Way

With Motorola's WisdomT OS, users can customize their Accompli 009 to suit their personal needs. With downloadable applications and software packages, the Accompli 009 will perform a variety of functions relevant to the individual user.

TrueSyncŪ Plus allows users to sync their Accompli 009 contacts, schedules and tasks with most popular PIMs, PDAs and other wireless devices(a). IrDA also allows users to beam data to another personal communicator, laptop, printer or fax.

Always Mix Business With Pleasure

Built for both business and pleasure, the Accompli 009 comes with three games designed to entertain users while they are on the go. A calculator function includes formulas to determine exchange rates when traveling from country to country.

The Accompli 009 is expected to be available in North America in the second half of 2001, in conjunction with the debut of fully operational GSM/GPRS networks. The Accompli 009 is expected to retail for under $600.

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