Motorola to Feature New Wireless Home-Networking Solutions At The Consumer Electronics Show 2001

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) Broadband Communications Sector today announced that it will feature its latest wireless home-networking solutions at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6-9, Las Vegas Convention Center, Gold Pavilion Booth #15032. These new solutions, which include the SURFboard® SB4100W multi-user wireless cable modem and SURFboard BB160 wireless home gateway, provide affordable, user- friendly home-networking capabilities for multi-computer households and small businesses -- all without interconnecting wires.

Motorola's SB4100W multi-user wireless cable modem and BB160 wireless home gateway products deliver integrated voice, high- speed data, and streaming media to all connected computers in the home. Up to 15 users can share simultaneous, independent Internet access, along with printers, scanners, and other computing devices, with the SB4100. In addition, the BB160 provides an immediate home-networking solution for the current deployed base of broadband customers. Laptop users can even move from room to room, up to 150 feet from the home gateway -- surfing the Net, sharing files, sending e-mail, sharing MP3 music or media files, or playing interactive games -- without losing the connection.

The SURFboard SB4100W and BB160 are part of Motorola's new family of home- networking solutions, which in addition to HomeRFT,also features HPNA and HomePlugT technologies.

"Motorola is excited to demonstrate its latest developments in wireless multi-user home-networking technology," said Vince Izzo, Director of Home Networking for Motorola's IP Network Systems business unit. "Integration of our wireless cable modems and wireless home gateways provides a robust local area network (LAN) in the home, connecting personal computers for Internet access, voice telephony, streaming media, and other services. Motorola remains committed to drive the industry to make the smart and connected home of the future a reality today."

According to the HomeRF Working Group's chairman, Kevin Negus, Ph.D., "Motorola's wireless home-networking solutions provide tremendous leverage to drive the wireless home-networking industry, and we look forward to working with Motorola as the industry continues to grow. Leaders like Motorola are key to our success as we seek to deliver HomeRF-enabled products that incorporate voice, data, and streaming media."

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