As from today it is possible to purchase a vast range of products present in the 2000ShopCenter via mobile phone

Milan, 25 January - As from today it is possible to purchase products directly from one's WAP mobile phone. Omnitel 2000 launches M-shopping, a new channel on its WAP portal that enables customers to purchase a series of products ranging from peripheral devices for PCs to mobile telephone accessories, from wine to videogames.

The 400,000 plus users of Omnitel 2000's WAP portal now have a complete range that enables them to manage their purchases in complete security, without losing the value connected to mobility.

To be able to purchase the products featured on the WAP portal it is necessary to register in advance at the Omnitel2000 mall at the website The customer receives a username and a password to use for his purchases via mobile phone. The new payment system via WAP, developed by Omnitel 2000, is the first from Omnipay on phone, one of the payment systems created and offered by Omnitel's telecom Payments Division.

The launch phase features a series of interesting and advantageous promotional offers. The product range will soon be extended and enhanced with new offers.

As is already the case for the Mall, goods are delivered within a maximum of 4 days from ordering and, for M-shopping purchases only, at a cost of Lit.1,000.

M-shopping is just the latest in a series of new services featured on the WAP portal. Indeed, the last few weeks have also seen the creation of People, the first multi-access community that can be accessed both via WAP via Web. This is an instant messenger service that enables communication from PC to WAP or from WAP to WAP. Over 15,000 users have already registered for the service during the first two weeks following its launch and approximately 8,000 customers connect to it each day via WAP.

Like all WAP services, the new M-shopping channel also costs 195 lire per minute plus one unit upon connection.

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