PassCall Unveils GateWave 2.1, Enabling New Revenue Streams for Mobile Operators

A revolutionary mobile portal platform offering tangible solutions to the major shortcomings in the mobile internet market, is launched today by PassCall Advanced Technologies.

By providing mobile operators with the ability to adapt content, include advertising functionalities and customisation options; GateWave 2.1 turns mobile portals into revenue-generating platforms with dynamic content.

The Portal Manager, a key feature of the GateWave platform, enables mobile operators to easily manage the content on their portal, define the extent to which end-users can customise it, and include advertising and sponsorship functionalities. End-users are now able to personalise their portal and enjoy richer, more dynamic content and services.

"In the same way that newsagents need to cater for different reader tastes by selling a range of magazines, the mobile portal needs to adhere to the same rules in order to make it successful and profitable. GateWave 2.1 offers dynamic portals with rich and diverse content," comments Frans van Belle, CEO PassCall Advanced Technologies. "It's all about putting the marketing people in control, while making life easier for the technical staff."

Intelligent transformation is another key application in the GateWave platform. This is the ability to intelligently transform - in real time - internet content, marked up in HTML, into content suitable for display on a full range of mobile devices (WML and cHTML for WAP Phones, PDA's and I-mode devices) and for voice browsing (VoiceXML). This provides mobile operators with a rich and diverse source of content and services that differentiates their portal in the increasingly competitive portal market. The end-user also benefits from a more rewarding browsing experience.

GateWave is compatible with GPRS and 3G technologies, thereby offering service providers a strategic platform that will support the next generation of mobile internet products, services and technologies.

"As mobile communication evolves, the ability to deliver content in a flexible manner to customers is crucial. We expect platforms that can offer dynamic content delivery in a range of formats to be central to a successful service portfolio on Mobile Portals. This will allow customers to receive information pertinent to them in a format to suit them and the device that they are using," comments Ben Wood, a Director of UK based mobile consultancy, Mobile Lifestreams.

The company's first prototype GateWave product was completed in June 1999. Today, GateWave is fully operational and commercialised in a number of sites worldwide. MIRS, a subsidiary of Motorola Israel and Cellcom, Israel's largest mobile operator, are already using PassCall's GateWave for the benefit of their subscribers. GateWave has been integrated in Ericsson's Mobile Application Initiative and has been licensed by CyberPlus, a system integrator in Greater China area. It is currently installed for a series of trials with leading mobile operators in Asia Pacific and Europe.

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