PortaTrack From Main Course Technologies Merges GPS, Wireless and the Web to Manage Mobile Assets

Companies Can Locate and Manage Their Mobile Work Force From Any Location, and Receive Real-Time Traffic Updates to Stay on Schedule

Main Course Technologies (www.gomct.com), a Los Angeles-based technology development company debuting today at Upside Event's Showcase 2001 conference, announced the availability of PortaTrack, a Web-based tracking service that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless data transmission technologies to track and locate people, vehicles or any other mobile asset.

The company will be exhibiting PortaTrack in Kiosk No. 32.

PortaTrack, with patent-pending technology, gives dispatch, fleet, sales and resource managers wireless remote access to the location of their resources (salespeople, delivery trucks, messengers, etc.) displayed on a map on their PCs or any one of a number of Web-enabled handheld devices.

With PortaTrack, users can see city, street and cross-street information; speed and direction of vehicles; and both graphic maps and text reports of a vehicle's travel history.

PortaTrack is the first wireless Internet application that gives users up-to-the-minute traffic and location information via their mobile phones, PDAs or any Web-enabled, wireless device. Dispatchers can track a vehicle from any location and see a graphical report showing where the vehicle is and what the freeway traffic and construction conditions are around it.

The display shows, in real time, where the vehicle is located and icons indicating either low, moderate, heavy or severe traffic conditions. This helps dispatchers and drivers to avoid road congestion, traffic incidents and other conditions, which may affect their ability to remain on schedule.

Pat Coggins, Main Course Technologies co-founder and chief technology officer, said: "We have integrated our state-of-the-art database technology, GPS technology, the Web and wireless devices to bring elegance and cost-effectiveness to mobile asset tracking.

"PortaTrack is what we call `device-agnostic,' making it easy for individuals, small businesses or corporations to leverage their existing infrastructure and investments. And, with our extensive development experience, we can also offer our customers custom integration services to suit their particular needs."

Because there are no software applications to purchase or download, there is no waiting to get up and tracking with PortaTrack. The service may be used with equipment already owned by the user, or with hardware from third parties. After the user's hardware is installed and services are requested, access to PortaTrack information is usually available within a day and often within minutes.

Uses for the PortaTrack service are many and varied. For example, it can help delivery drivers find a destination, help customer-service personnel to update customer inquiries about delivery times, assist a car dealership in tracking high-value inventory in multiple parking lots, help people who care for children or adults who may be at risk of becoming lost, and even assist in the recovery of stolen equipment.

The following components are needed to use PortaTrack:

-- a Global Positioning System receiver;

-- a wireless transmission device;

-- a wireless service contract with a service provider;

-- the PortaTrack service; and

-- a Web browser appliance with an Internet connection.

Pricing and Availability

PortaTrack is available now. The cost per unit is approximately $500, plus a monthly service fee of $19.90.

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