PostX Partners With Wysdom to Expand Its Offering to Wireless Devices

PostX Corporation, a leading provider of ecommunication solutions, today announced a partnership with Wysdom Inc., a wireless software and infrastructure company, to offer wireless applications to PostX customers.

Developed by PostX and powered by Wysdom, the new PostX Wireless (TM) solution will enable the secure delivery of a broad range of text notifications directly to cellular phones, pagers, and PDAs. With this partnership, PostX will leverage its existing secure email delivery technology with the power of Wysdom's Mobyle Application Platform (MAP).

MAP is Wysdom's core proprietary technology containing all the key functionality required to deliver reliable mobile solutions. MAP interacts with enterprise systems and data sources, adding wireless logic to meet specific customer requirements, before sending the information to devices throughout the world.

"PostX enterprise customers have been asking for a wireless solution which satisfies the requirements of an increasingly mobile clientele," said R.C. Venkatraman, CEO of PostX Corporation. "PostX will leverage Wysdom's robust technology platform to increase our reach and create more value and convenience for our Enterprise customers."

"Wysdom is driving the user-centric approach to wireless, by enabling our customers to provide individuals with control of information and communications," said Kashif Hassan, President and CEO of Wysdom. "Partnering with PostX to deliver secure online capabilities to wireless devices demonstrates Wysdom's continuing effort to provide e-businesses with the tools and capabilities to offer user-centric wireless services to their customers."

PostX recognizes the strong growth opportunities in the wireless message delivery market and has partnered with Wysdom to enhance PostX Express platform adding a wireless solution. Currently, there are approximately 100 million wireless devices in use in the United States and Canada. Of these, 95 million are devices capable of transferring only simple SMS messages, with the remaining 5 million devices being comprised of advanced pieces of hardware such as PDAs. With Wysdom, PostX offers a complete solution by extending its wireless reach to both SMS and WAP-enabled devices.

Wireless messages are generated within the firewall by the Enterprise customer and then sent to a wireless provider for delivery to a handheld device. The following scenario illustrates the wireless capabilities using PostX Express:

-- An end user sends a check or wires funds into a personal brokerage account and requests immediate notification of full clearing and settlement.

-- After the funds clear, a PostX Express secure message, complete with account number, deposit information, and balance, is either sent to the end user's email inbox or posted on a web site.

--  The enterprise sends a plain text message to the end user's wireless device with notification of trade confirmation. The message will be simple text and will not contain secure information i.e., "Investment USA has deposited funds as of 1/10/01

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