Qvadis and Coola Announce Partnership in Mobile Content Delivery

' Qvadis Corp., developer of the award-winning Express Reader integrated PC/Palm e-text publishing suite and provider of the leading Palm e-text portal, and Coola Inc., the market leader in the fields of mobile information management and two-way transference of all types of content between the World Wide Web and handheld devices, today announced a partnership on Web content delivery to Palm handheld computers and other wireless devices.

"This partnership provides a breakthrough for handheld users who need to send and read any type of document on mobile devices," said Sudha Jamthe, CEO of Coola. "Using our 1-Click technology and Qvadis' Express Reader technology, mobile professionals - from lawyers, doctors, and sales agents to teachers and students - can now carry news articles, financial reports, references, price lists, resumes or any other document wherever they go."

"Qvadis Express Reader continues to be one of the most functional, easy-to-use document viewers on the Palm platform," said Sam Peralta, CEO of Qvadis. "Used in tandem with Coola's 1-Click Doc conversion technology, Web businesses now have a simple way to provide their users with current online content for their handheld devices."

Many news and content sites have adopted Coola's 1-Click technology, including CIO.com, IDG Executive Forum's Demo.com, ComputerWorld HK, Palmguru.com, Visorcentral.com, Palminfocenter.com, and Guardcentral.com. Users visiting Coola-enabled Web sites simply click on a Coola button to have the contents of any page automatically converted to Doc format for viewing on Palm-powered handhelds, using Qvadis Express Reader GT.

Qvadis Express Reader was the first integrated PC/Palm e-book publisher and viewer, and has quickly gained in popularity and critical acclaim since its release for its simple and intuitive, yet powerful, design. Among other accolades, Express Reader has been featured as a Hot Product at Yahoo! Mobile, and garnered a five-star and Reviewers' Pick rating on ZDNet. In addition to Express Reader, the Qvadis website offers a free e-text library with over 4000 titles, the Web's most complete links to Palm e-book archives, news and other features. Recently, Qvadis added e-publishing to its offerings via its acquisition of leading Palm e-publisher Editio-Books.com.

As an example of enterprise applications now available from the partnership, manufacturers' representatives can take detailed price codes and technical specifications from Web sites and place them on their handhelds, health care professionals can take patient records and lab results on their rounds, lawyers can view any codes and rules needed during a trial, and financial services professionals can refer to credit ratings and S.E.C. regulations.

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