The Reynolds and Reynolds Company (NYSE: REY) today announced it has added the automotive industry's most advanced wireless-enabled capability to the growing suite of automotive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions it provides to automotive retailers and manufacturers. Reynolds and Reynolds acquired a 10 percent equity position in Networkcar and exclusive distribution rights for North American automotive retailers.

Founded in 1999, Networkcar has developed an in-vehicle, self-contained wireless appliance (CAReader(tm)) that collects and transmits vehicle diagnostic information for CRM, warranty tracking, lease monitoring, and servicing purposes. The CAReaderTM monitors general diagnostic data and a variety of other systems including malfunction codes, fuel systems, brake systems, transmission systems, and emission systems. With the CAReaderTM installed in a consumer's vehicle, the automotive retailer can provide a variety of value-added services. As an example, consumers who use the service will have their own personalized Web pages that contain performance characteristics of their vehicle including operating conditions, mileage, and diagnostic trouble codes. Consumers will have a direct Internet link with their automotive service providers, retailers, and other third parties that can provide timely e-mail messages regarding engine performance, service opportunities, appointment scheduling and many other services. The Networkcar system is compatible with all vehicles manufactured since 1996 and thus has the ability to reach over 80 million vehicles already on the road today. "That's a significant advantage over the most popular telematics tools used by some of the luxury vehicle brands today, which can only serve a fraction of the vehicles in the market," Lloyd 'Buzz' Waterhouse, Reynolds' President and CEO, said. "The Networkcar appliance costs far less than the devices currently being used by the luxury car companies.

"Imagine having your car serviced in record time, with little or no wait after pulling into your auto retailing service center because the mechanic already knew what was wrong with your car, had already ordered the necessary parts and scheduled your loaner. Or imagine close to real time response from your retailer notifying you that your car has reported a problem. We're near to reality in these and many similar scenarios thanks to this exciting evolution of technology and its deployment in automotive retailing." "We're thrilled that Reynolds and Reynolds has joined our team," said Charles Myers, Networkcar's CEO and founder. "They are a powerhouse in the marketplace and they bring their knowledge of CRM and automotive retailing to Networkcar. We will leverage their leadership position in the marketplace to make our company and this business a huge success. We're very excited about this partnership."

"We see CRM as the fastest growing need in the automotive industry, and telematics will be a critical CRM tool," Waterhouse said. "Networkcar has developed a powerful wireless capability that eases consumers' vehicle maintenance issues and improves the relationships that automotive retailers have with their customers. Our partnership with Networkcar enables us to offer our automotive retailing customers the opportunity to benefit from the broader industry move toward mobile commerce, quickly and inexpensively" Networkcar partners include: €Financial €Merrill Lynch €IBK and €SAIC Venture Capital Corporation €Technology €SAIC, and €Cyberplex

Networkcar's telematics service provides extensive applications for the Automotive market. For Consumers *Removes the hassle and worry of vehicle maintenance. *Provides the security of knowing they will be notified if a problem is detected. *Tracks current recalls on their vehicle. *Gives consumers information they need to be confident while travelling, allowing them to better manage their vehicle's performance. *Automatically organizes car maintenance and service records. *Enables consumers to remotely monitor all family vehicles. *Enables a variety of remote vehicle diagnostics. *Saves time with online booking and pre-populated service forms.

For Automotive Retailers *Creates and maintains a direct electronic link with customers that will drive future revenues and build a strong relationship with the consumer. *Links the entire service cycle and makes the retailer central to the process. *Distinguishes the retailer's service offerings with the application of advanced technology. *Improves customer perception of the retailer. *Enables the retailer to provide new, individualized services. *Closes CRM loop for new car sales leads. *Enables retailer to be proactive through better understanding of customer driving habits, vehicle use and potential problem diagnosis. *Improves service operations flow, efficiency and profitability. Networkcar Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, has developed a service that collects automotive diagnostic information using a proprietary wireless Internet appliance. Networkcar delivers real-time data to its customers via the Internet and wireless network. The Networkcar service is designed to provide car owners, automotive retailers and third parties with a broad set of automotive diagnostic data.

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