Seven of the Top Handheld Document Readers Move to Coola as Preferred Wireless Conduit

Coola technology embraced by growing number of document reader software developers for Palm and other handheld devices

Coola Inc., the market leader in the fields of mobile information management and two-way transference of all types of content between the World Wide Web and handheld devices, today announced that it has entered into partnerships with seven major providers of document reader software for Palm and other handheld devices.

"These partnerships are a great breakthrough not only for Coola, but also for all Web businesses and handheld users, who now have more choices to send and read any type of document on various wireless and non-wireless devices using our 1-Click technology," said Sudha Jamthe, Chief Executive Officer of Coola. "Mobile professionals--from lawyers, doctors, and insurance and sales agents to teachers and students--can now carry news articles, financial reports, medical and legal references, price lists, resumes or any other document wherever they go."

Ms. Jamthe said these partnerships provide Web business and owners of Websites more choices to make their information mobile. Coola's 1-Click Doc is already available from many news and content sites including, IDG Executive Forum's, ComputerWorld HK,,,, and, among others.

Ms. Jamthe said Coola's new partnership agreements are with:

-- Blue Nomad LLC, developers of the WordSmith a full-featured word processor and rich document viewer available for the Palm organizer;

-- Cutting Edge Software, which provides spreadsheet, charting, and document editing software. Its products include Quickoffice, Quicksheet and Quickword.

-- iSilo(TM), a document reader for the Palm for reading HTML, text, and Doc documents;

-- Qvadis, developer of the Express Reader integrated PC/Palm e-text publishing suite and provider of the Qvadis e-Book Library and resources; and

-- RichReader, a Word, HTML, and PDF reader for the Palm;

-- TealPoint Software, developers of TealDoc, a full-featured reader for standard Palm documents;

-- TomeRaider, a cross-platform reference viewer;

As a result of these partnerships, users visiting Coola-enabled Web sites can have the information from any Web page automatically converted for viewing on any Palm Powered handheld equipped with any of these document readers. For example, manufacturers' representatives can take detailed price codes and technical specifications from Web sites and place them on their handhelds, health care professionals can take patient records and lab results on their rounds, lawyers can view any codes and rules needed during a trial, and financial services professionals can refer to credit ratings and S.E.C. regulations.

"These partnerships also reflect how quickly Coola technology has been accepted by developers of document reader software for handheld devices worldwide, including Canada and Europe," said Ms. Jamthe.

In November, Aportis Technologies Corp., the publisher of AportisDoc, the industry standard for placing text documents of any size on handheld computers, entered into a partnership with Coola, creating a breakthrough in Web content delivery to wireless devices and Palm handhelds.

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