Sprint Offers Sprint PCS Wireless Web in Southern Markets

Sprint PCS (NYSE: PCS), the fastest growing all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network, announces the availability of the Sprint PCS Wireless Web in Southern markets, locally managed by US Unwired (NASDAQ: UNWR), a Sprint PCS Network Partner. The Sprint PCS Wireless Web connects customers to information, entertainment and m-commerce when and where they need it.

The Sprint PCS Wireless Web is a suite of user-friendly wireless data products and services which allows customers to incorporate all their wireless voice and data communication needs into one simple, versatile tool. Users can browse the Wireless Web, read and send e-mail, or chat with buddies - all from any of more than 15 Internet-ready Sprint PCS phones.

Sprint PCS Wireless Web offers the ability to customize and receive important news, e-mail and information updates. In addition, customers can dial into a corporate Intranet or the Internet using a Sprint PCS phone in place of a modem connected to a laptop, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other handheld computing device.

"This new service will keep our customers connected while on the go," states Mike Bennett, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless for US Unwired. "We are excited to offer a combination of digital wireless phone service and Wireless Web access to our customers, giving them the opportunity to join the more than one million Sprint PCS customers already using the Wireless Web."

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