ThinkersGroup Adds Graphics To The Wireless Web

ThinkersGroup introduces a new patent pending technology that revolutionizes the way graphics are delivered to wireless devices.

The process known as Graphical Transimaging(TM) transforms web based graphics into a format that is acceptable to wireless devices "on the fly".

"This solution eliminates the need to have graphics in multiple formats and bit depths," stated Ray Barton, President and CEO of ThinkersGroup, "This product proves that our development team can keep the wireless web simple through advanced thinking."

Graphical Transimaging is the process of taking any graphic that is in a standard format and reformat into an image that is acceptable by the requesting device, from a Nextel (Nasdaq:NXTL), or AT&T Wireless (NYSE:AWE) phone to a Windows CE compatible device or a Palm Pilot (Nasdaq:PALM).

In a survey by Cahners In-Stat Group of nearly 500 senior executives, almost 80 percent are extremely or very interested in wireless Web browsing, with 88 percent of these respondents saying they are interested in both text and graphic capabilities. Nearly 70 percent want access to pull content off of the Web, In-Stat found.

"This solution can not only benefit our own product offerings, but also the product offerings of other wireless solution providers," said Darren Cioffi, V.P. of Marketing for ThinkersGroup, "We welcome discussions with any company that wants to license this technology for their own offering."

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