Utah Company GeoDiscovery Announces Availability of Industry-Acclaimed Geode GPS Module for the Handspring Visor

Company celebrates Utah role in development by offering special discount to Utah residents

GeoDiscovery(TM) (www.geodiscovery.com), of Orem,Wednesday announced availability of an industry-acclaimed Global Positioning System (GPS) module for the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM) handheld computer.

The Geode GPS module integrates content such as interactive maps and travel guides with GPS technology to provide consumers with the ultimate GeoDiscovery travel experience.

GeoDiscovery's first round of venture capital funding is lead by Red Rock Capital, a Utah-based venture-capital firm, with Hewlett-Packard included as an investor. GeoDiscovery is headquartered in offices at the mouth of the Provo Canyon. GeoDiscovery currently employs more than 70 people, and is continuing to grow quickly.

As a special thanks to the state that has contributed to the growth of this product and technology, GeoDiscovery is offering a special discount of $30 off the retail price of $289 to Utah residents who place orders for the Geode GPS module until Feb. 1, 2001. Readers who would like to receive this discount should order their units by calling 800/861-2972.

They can also get more information on the Geode GPS module and other GeoDiscovery products at www.geodiscovery.com.

"My experience as a beta tester for the Geode was tremendous," said Rick Sunderlage of Salt Lake City. "I actually bought my Visor to get access to this expansion module. I had another PDA -- but after I saw the Geode, I sold it on eBay and bought a Handspring Visor instead. From the minute I turned on the Geode, it locked in to six satellites.

"I doubted the small street I lived on would even show up on the map -- but there it was. And compared to other GPS devices on the market, the Geode is incredibly accurate. I definitely think the future for the Geode -- and for GeoDiscovery -- is going to be huge."

More than 8,000 prospective customers have registered to receive information and updates about the new Geode, which has already received several national and international awards. In September 2000, GeoDiscovery was chosen "The Pundits' Pick" at eTravel World in Orlando, Fla.

In addition, GeoDiscovery has just won the international DuPont BrandNew Award for outstanding new products and technology for the Outdoor Travel and Sports Market.

"GeoDiscovery is an industry pioneer and now, with the Geode, the world can experience the innovative and unique GeoDiscovery user experience," said Doug Snapp, chief executive officer of GeoDiscovery. "We're all about geo-activating the way people interact with the world and it's been fun to use the product and even more fascinating to see the excitement of our beta users.

"Most beta users have been testing bits and pieces and now all can have the total user experience. Additionally, I'm excited for our team members, early customers, and shareholders who have participated in GeoDiscovery's opportunity to advance and grow the industry's first geo-caching integration platform. In many ways, that's the greatest promise of the technology we're introducing today."

The Geode GPS module offers business and recreational travelers and outdoor sports enthusiasts a geo information manager with a spectrum of capabilities never offered before.

To support the GeoDiscovery Active user experience, the Geode includes several unique features such as the SiRF Star II GPS receiver with SnapLock(TM), FoliageLock(TM), and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) to improve accuracy and sensitivity; digital compass, 2 MultiMediaCard slots for future expansion capable of holding up to 64 MB of maps, content and Palm OS files and internal flash memory loaded with applications and world maps to guarantee a great startup experience anywhere in the world.

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