Wildcard Wireless, Domino's Pizza Franchisee and Motorola to Field Trial TransAKT Wireless Point-of-Sale Terminals in the US and Canada

Wildcard Wireless Solutions Inc. (CDNX:WDC.) today announced that it will conduct an extensive field trial of its mobile electronic fund transfer point of sale (EFTPOS) device, the TransAKT(TM), with Canada's largest Domino's Pizza(R) franchisee.

Wildcard will conduct the trial with Mad Pizza Company (Mad Pizza), a major Domino's Pizza franchisee that operates 40 Domino's stores in Canada and 18 in the US.

Motorola Inc. (Motorola) will supply their digital mode StarTAC(R) mobile phones for the field trial. Wildcard's initial TransAKT terminal is designed as an intelligent "clip-on" accessory to Motorola's StarTAC(R) CDMA mobile phone, providing voice, data and transaction capability in one convenient device.

During the trial, TransAKT terminals will be used by Mad Pizza's staff in the field, providing customers the option to pay for their delivered pizza with credit and PIN secured debit cards right on their doorstep.

"We are excited to participate in this trial with Wildcard, an innovator in handheld wireless solutions, to learn more about how their mobile POS technology can benefit our customers and our operations," said Bryan Dobb, President of Mad Pizza Company.

"As the vast majority of our business is transacted on the customers' door step, we are acutely aware of the importance of providing our customers with safe, reliable and convenient methods of payment at the point of delivery." Dobb said.

Wildcard will be assessing terminal functionality as well as gaining valuable feedback from delivery personnel and management on usability features for next generation products. In addition to accepting credit and debit card payments, TransAKT devices will be able to accept check, loyalty and smart card transactions in the coming months.

"We are looking forward to working with a significant international Domino's Pizza franchisee, with operations both in the US and Canada," said Bill Atkinson, Wildcard's Chief Executive Officer.

"Not only will this trial give us the opportunity to evaluate all the benefits that our TransAKT application has to offer directly to the mobile merchant and the consumer, but it also enables us to work with financial institutions, transaction processors and wireless network operators in both countries through one merchant customer," Atkinson said.

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