Wireless Connect and Integris U.S. Announce Partnership to Provide Breakthrough Web-access Software Product

Integris will provide infrastructure, networking, hosting services, and act as ASP for maker of software that provides all-Web access for wireless devices

Wireless Connect ("WireCon"), a start-up developer of breakthrough Web-access software for wireless devices, and Integris U.S., today announced a broad agreement to help launch WireCon products in the marketplace.

Under the agreement, Integris, the information technology services division of Bull, will serve as an application infrastructure provider (AIP) for WireCon, providing IT systems, networking, and hosting services. Integris will also serve as an application services provider (ASP), reselling WireCon products to its own end users.

WireCon's newly developed Wireless Web Navigator software product will enable users of wireless devices - such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) or Web-enabled cell phones - to have access to the entire Web. Currently, wireless users are limited to a relatively small number of Internet menus that usually are offered by wireless service providers. WireCon expects to release its Wireless Web Navigator product in March.

"Today, the Web access you have available from wireless devices is like having access to a dozen eggs," said Leo Jesudian, chairman and CEO of WireCon. "With our software, for about the same price, you will have access to every chicken farm on Earth. We're pleased to have a provider with the capabilities and credibility of Integris to handle all of our infrastructure needs and act as a reseller to represent us in the marketplace."

"Integris is proud to partner with WireCon in a venture that has the potential to transform the way people access the Web," said Jonathan Burbank, president of Integris U.S. "Integris has proven its Web-based capabilities with a number of clients, and we're pleased that WireCon has shown confidence in us in this important venture."

Currently, users of wireless devices using the wireless application protocol (WAP) standard can access only a limited number of Web pages. This is due to the costly and cumbersome conversion process from hypertext mark-up language (HTML) - which makes Web sites viewable from PCs - to wireless mark-up language (WML). The latter is used to create pages that can be displayed in WAP-enabled wireless browsers.

WireCon's Wireless Web Navigator software is housed on a server. When a subscriber with a WAP-enabled wireless device requests information, Wireless Web Navigator converts HTML to WML "on the fly" in sub-seconds. It then delivers the information in real time to the handheld device as though it were a regular PC requesting information from the Internet. This revolutionary convergence process will change the way wireless users access the Web and Internet-related corporate databases.

"Currently, the way the industry is approaching wireless Web access is a painstaking process," said Jesudian. "Companies are investing mega-dollars converting HTML into WML page-by-page so it can be delivered to a WAP-enabled handheld device. This is not only cost prohibitive, but every time content changes on a Web page, it has to also be changed from HTML to WML for the wireless users. This forces web sites to have two concurrent web presences - one in HTML and another watered-down, narrower version in WML. Our product allows Web sites to exist in their original form and we convert the contents from HTML to WML on the fly. This simple, yet state-of-the-art process brings the entire Web to a WAP-enabled handheld device in one step. We believe that's going to transform the wireless industry instantaneously."

Integris will provide a wide array of services for WireCon, including infrastructure, networking, hosting, client services, customer relationship management (CRM), billing and Web traffic record-keeping.

"Companies contemplating a wireless strategy have tremendously conflicting marketplace demands placed on them," said WireCon President Rajan Venkitachalam. "These include getting products to market quickly, being flexible, and developing a seamless strategy for deploying new products while protecting their investments and reducing risks. The value proposition of the combined Wirecon-Integris offering is exceptionally compelling because it enables enterprises to directly address all of these market demands in a single comprehensive solution."

WireCon will focus its initial marketing efforts in key verticals, including law enforcement, health care, pharmaceutical companies, and the military.

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