YadaYada Brings Optimized Wireless Shopping to PDA Users

Collaborations with DealTime, BarPoint and SNAZ Commerce To Provide Users with Easy-to-Use Mobile Commerce Options

YadaYada Inc. (www.yadayada.com), the first integrated wireless Internet service provider and personalized mobile Web portal for PDAs, announced today that it has entered into collaboration agreements with three leading optimized commerce solution providers to bring YadaYada users a streamlined wireless shopping experience on their PDAs. The agreements with DealTime(R), a leading online comparison-shopping service, BarPoint.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: BPNT), a leading product information service and SNAZ Commerce Solutions, a global wireless commerce provider that offers users a "single-click" shopping Web destination, are all intended to make m-commerce faster and easier for YadaYada users. YadaYada's service is available through 1-800-YadaYada or at www.yadayada.com.

"Eliminating the obstacles that make online shopping difficult and time-consuming is a key aspect of making mobile commerce a viable option for YadaYada users," said Raj Gupta, president of YadaYada. "YadaYada is bringing the full power of e-commerce capabilities of the Internet and putting it it in users palms over our proprietary, secure m-commerce platform."

The collaboration brings YadaYada users quick and easy access to best-of-breed m-commerce solutions through the Shopping category of YadaYada's Wireless Web service:

DealTime - (www.dealtime.com) provides YadaYada users with the best single source for finding what, where and how to buy products and services across the Web via their Palm OS PDA. DealTime empowers consumers with the ability to compare models, features, brands, and prices at merchants and manufacturers across the Web from any Web enabled mobile phone or wireless PDA. DealTime's robust, scalable technology provides consumers with highly relevant search results, which is perfectly suited to the wireless platform where screen space is limited.

BarPoint.com - (www.barpoint.com) is an online and wireless product information and shopping service that allows YadaYada users to instantly obtain detailed features, reviews and price information on a specific product by utilizing its UPC barcode number. This patent-pending reverse search technology minimizes the need for "drilling down" through the irrelevant search results that are often returned by Internet search technologies that use "Boolean" searches and "keywords" and takes the user straight to information on the exact product in which they are interested. BarPoint product information includes detailed product descriptions, comparative prices, links to vendor partners, product reviews, manufacturer contact information and much more.

SNAZ Commerce Solutions- (www.snaz.com) provides YadaYada users with an easy-to-use, consistent shopping experience across several top online retailers, including Bol, Great Universal Stores, Streets Online, BeU, and Firebox. While wirelessly surfing for products, users can store their purchases in SNAZ's unique "Universal Shopping Cart," which accompanies them as they surf and browse for items across multiple merchants. Users can then checkout with the "Single Click Shopping" functionality that allows SNAZ to process purchases (stored in the Universal Shopping Cart) with a single click by the user. Finally, with the use of SNAZ's "mobile wallet" (m-wallet), which stores usernames and passwords while keeping track of multiple billing and shipping details in one secure place, YadaYada users can quickly pay for their purchases.

YadaYada today launched its commercial wireless service, allowing users to access any HTML-created Web site using YadaYada's wireless Web browser and send and receive e-mail from up to six POP3 e-mail accounts from their Palm OS(R)-based PDA. Combining this unparalleled wireless access to the Web with quick and easy access to optimized mobile commerce is part of YadaYada's design to become the premier wireless Internet provider in the U.S.

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