Zkey launches Zkey2.0, the First Unified Platform for Intelligent Mobile Transactions

Zkey2.0 represents a quantum leap in the foundation for intelligent mobile commerce and services.

The vision of Zkey2.0, a middleware product sold to wireless carriers and MSPs, is to make complex transactions and events simple enough to be accomplished on the mobile Internet.

"Our goal is to make the mobile Internet a compelling necessity rather than what it is today, a fleeting novelty," said Nick Desai, chief executive officer and founder of Zkey.

Mitigating the inherent limitations of the mobile form factor is vital to the success of mobile data services. By allowing intelligent information exchange, Zkey can facilitate a broad range of transactions in all three classes of electronic interactions --commerce, content and communications. Zkey2.0 uniquely allows user-controlled release of dynamic, transaction-specific profiles containing user-entered and third-party data.

Integrated with Zkey2.0 are standards-based applications and third-party services, including the first true wireless person-to-person payment solution. The inclusion of native applications enriches the usability of Zkey2.0 and its appeal to wireless carriers.

"The successful proliferation of mobile services and applications requires a paradigm shift from traditional PC Web thinking," said Desai. "Specifically, the user requires intelligent, integrated applications and services that are designed for the mobile environment. The mobile phone has the unique opportunity not just to become a part of the user's online life, but their entire life.

"If I can make a person-to-person payment over my phone, there is no reason I can't use it to pay a store while in the checkout line (something I could never do with my PC). This is what Zkey2.0 offers."

"We consider InfoExchanger (IX) in Zkey2.0 the future of fast, easy, secure, pre-emptive means to manage and complete personal, interrelated complex transactions, including m-commerce via the Web over mobile internet enabled telephone, attached PC or synched PDA," said Cliff Gregory, chief technology officer.

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