Aether Systems Announces NetSearch v.2.1

Automotive Wireless Lead Management System Expands Capabilities for Routing and Tracking Leads

Aether Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:AETH), a leading provider of wireless data products and services, today announced general availability of NetSearch v.2.1, a wireless lead tracking and management service. NetSearch, a comprehensive suite of management tools, allows dealers to quickly and wirelessly receive, respond to and track on-line leads throughout the day via a wireless handheld.

Hosted by Aether's Network Operations Center (NOC) and supported by the Aether Intelligent Messaging (AIM) platform, NetSearch v.2.1offers the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution for managing leads, providing reliable, secure, real-time access to critical data; more available options for wireless devices; enhanced network coverage; and end-user customer care. Routing through AIM also allows for future adaptation of the solution on any wireless device and/or network.

Designed to assist dealers to access, manage and respond to online requests, NetSearch v.2.1 supports routing leads by year, make, model and/or the source of the lead - allowing groups within dealerships to receive leads based on sales specialty. As an added tool to increase tracking efficiency, NetSearch v.2.1 also provides Conversation History Reports, which monitors any communication between a customer and the device.

Other NetSearch v.2.1 features:

-- Support for XML-ADF, the automotive industry's standard

-- Now available with BlackBerry(TM)by Aether(TM)featuring RIM 957 Wireless Handhelds(TM)

-- Ability to integrate with CRM applications

Formerly the Merchant Notification System (MNS), NetSearch v.2.1 still provides the core capabilities of MNS:

-- Wireless Lead Distribution

-- Instant Wireless Response

-- Real-Time Lead Tracking and Management

-- Intelligent Lead Routing

-- Web-based Management Reports

Those interested in learning more about Aether's NetSearch v.2.1 can contact Aether's Wireless Lead Management division at 877/238-3837.

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