ARKONA Demonstrates New Mobile Computing Technology at NADA Convention

Demonstration Uses Universal Conduit Technology to Extract Vehicle Inventory Data from Ensign Dealer Management Suite and Distribute it to PDAs

Sundog Technologies Inc. d/b/a/ ARKONA(R) Inc. (OTC:SDTH), a leader in business management and data distribution solutions, Monday announced it is demonstrating new mobile computing technology for automotive dealerships at the annual NADA convention in Las Vegas this week.

The technology extracts information (vehicle inventory) from the Ensign Dealer Management Suite and makes the information available on PDAs through the ARKONA Universal Conduit(TM) and Aether Scout Server.

This is the first demonstration of software that combines the core technologies of ARKONA and Ensign Information Systems into one seamless solution that enhances sales and marketing efforts in the automotive dealer arena.

"More and more auto dealers and their staffs are realizing the productivity gains that come from having accurate, real-time vehicle and customer information wherever they are," said Richard Holland, executive vice president, ARKONA Inc. "This demo shows current vehicle inventory on a PDA so that a salesperson can get real-time information on the availability of cars from the lot or any other location.

"This is the first solution in a suite of planned PDA-based sales, service and customer prospect management applications."

ARKONA's Universal Conduit uses patented technology developed to automatically pull valued information from one data source, move it to another environment and keep it updated. It is unique because it requires no time consuming and expensive custom programming. The finished solution can be implemented in a few minutes rather than weeks or months.

PDAs can now be an integral part of a strategic marketing and sales strategy, providing real business value rather than just an individual productivity tool.

As the information in the Ensign Dealer Management Suite changes, updates are tracked by Universal Conduit and automatically sent to the Aether ScoutSync Server, then synchronized and made available to PDAs. Unlike other PDA data synchronization tools, updates happen quickly since only the changes are sent. PDA users can synchronize through regular methods or wirelessly using their current wireless service providers.

"Using handheld devices to write service repair orders is significantly more convenient for the customer and more efficient for the service writer," said John Haupt, general manager, Tri County Ford Mercury. "We could meet the customer in the car, instantly have access to the complete service history and real time prices, allowing us to do a better job of offering all necessary service in one appointment.

"With handhelds it might also be feasible to pick up vehicles at a customer's home or office, making it even more convenient."

To schedule a demonstration, please call 866/478-6364. Demonstrations have been ongoing at the Stratosphere Hotel through the duration of the NADA Convention. For more information about this and other ARKONA solutions go to

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