Bridge Medical and Symbol Technologies Partner to Offer MedPoint System On Handheld Computers

Convenient, Handheld Access to The MedPoint System(TM), Which Helps Hospitals Prevent Medication Errors and Improve Drug Therapy Outcomes

With Mobile, Real-Time Data Access

Bridge Medical Inc. and Symbol Technologies Inc. (NYSE:SBL) today announced that they are partnering to offer Symbol's rugged, pocketable and wireless handheld computers for use with Bridge's MedPoint system, which helps hospitals intercept medication errors at the point of care.

The Bridge MedPoint system, first installed in hospitals in 1998, incorporates computer networking, innovative software programs and bar-code technology to help hospitals prevent medication errors and adverse drug events -- and improve patient outcomes in drug therapy.

"Our goal is to offer hospitals a wide, flexible array of options in accessing the Bridge MedPoint system," said John Grotting, Bridge's president and CEO. "Clinical intervention has been proven to be a powerful tool in preventing errors, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes. Partnering with Symbol allows us to offer additional access options to these powerful resources."

The MedPoint system not only verifies the "five rights" (right drug, right patient, right dose, right route, right time) at the bedside before medications are administered, it also offers doctors, nurses, and pharmacists remotely real-time information about the individual patient's drug therapy. With MedPoint, clinicians now have the ability to closely monitor patients on high-risk medications to assure that the institution's protocols are followed, and to remotely access expert knowledge databases.

"We are pleased to see that Symbol's wireless expertise and pocketable palm-sized devices are adding such compelling value to solutions aimed at reducing medical errors and saving lives," said Harry B. Lerner, Symbol's vice president of Healthcare, Education & Hospitality. "The age has finally arrived when caregivers can bring patient information and medication verification right to the point of activity at the patient's bedside."

This product will be demonstrated at the annual Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference, booth 1476, Feb. 4-8, 2001.

Anytime, Anywhere Computing

The MedPoint system is deployed on Symbol's SPT 1700 family of rugged handheld computers that run the Palm OS(TM) based operating system and developing environment. The SPT 1700-2D provides flexible 1D and the entry-level PDF417 bar code data capture with seamless data communications over Symbol's Spectrum24(R) wireless local area network (WLAN).

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