Carfax Goes Wireless

Strategic Partnerships Give Carfax Dealers Access to Carfax Vehicle History Reports Anytime, Anywhere

At this year's National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention this week in Las Vegas Carfax, Inc., unveiled their new wireless website.

Carfax has been cultivating strategic partnerships in the wireless Internet service sector to develop the appropriate tools for making Carfax Vehicle History reports available to Carfax subscribers anytime, anywhere via wireless communication devices.

Working with 2Roam, Inc., a global wireless software and service provider, Carfax will use the 2Roam Wireless Platform to deliver Carfax Reports to dealers over wireless, hand-held devices such as web-enabled personal data assistants, digital phones, etc.

This feature enables Carfax subscribers to run Carfax vehicle history reports "on the spot" - at auto auctions or on their lots to help them avoid purchasing or accepting in trade vehicles with a hidden problem in its past.

"Dealers can enter a vehicle identification number and obtain a full vehicle history report within a few seconds," explains Dick Raines, president of Carfax. "While we realize not everyone has access to this wireless technology now, we're thinking to the future as well."

Recently, Carfax and announced a partnership that makes accessible using DigitalLot, a mobile device manufactured by The device allows dealers to scan vehicle identification numbers using an infrared scanner and obtain a Carfax report via a wireless modem in the device.

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