Columbitech first to release class 3 WAP security for Pocket PC

Columbitech, the Swedish wireless software company, today announces a generic security solution for Pocket PC supporting client certificates. The current version of Columbitech Secure Proxy Client includes support for WAP and HTML browsers on the Pocket PC platform. This is the world's first commercial WAP client to support strong encryption as well as strong client authentication using certificates.

"This is one important step towards securing the client side of wireless communication," says Pontus Bergdahl, CEO at Columbitech. "Companies using handheld devices in the field can now benefit from strong security when communicating with the corporate network, without the hassle of one-time passwords."

"Microsoft recognizes the importance of strong security solutions for remote wireless access to corporate applications. Columbitech Secure Proxy Client is a great leap forward in wireless data security, and it strengthens the Pocket PC platform," says Robbie Ray Wright, Microsoft's Director of Mobile Devices Division in EMEA.

Columbitech Secure Proxy Client provides browsers or other WAP- and HTTP-based applications with a secure connection using WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security) Class 3 between the client system and a WAP Server. Combined with Columbitech WAP Connector, or another WAP server supporting client certificates, the product facilitates end-to-end secure communication over wireless networks. Securing the connection to the application server using WTLS eliminates the need for heavy bandwidth consuming protocols such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Columbitech Secure Proxy Client for Pocket PC is currently available for Beta testing. General availability for the European and Asian markets is scheduled for late first quarter of this year. The product will be available for other platforms later this year.

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