CompuCom and ThinAirApps Launch Single Source Solution for Wireless E-mail for Palm Powered Handhelds

Enterprises Able to Purchase Software, Hardware, Network Service and Integration Services Via a Single Point of Contact

CompuCom Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:CMPC), a leading digital infrastructure solutions provider, and ThinAirApps, a pioneer in wireless software applications and tools, today introduced a solution aimed at giving enterprises secure two way access to critical data on wireless Palm OS(R) based devices.

By using ThinAir Groupware Access on Palm Powered(TM) handhelds, employees get secure access to e-mail messaging, calendar updates, databases and other groupware systems information that are typically inaccessible from outside the office or firewall, such as Microsoft Exchange Server(R) and Lotus(R) Domino Server or any IMAP or POP mail system. This breakthrough in wireless technology gives professionals the vital information they need to enhance their effectiveness in the field.

Providing a single point-of-acquisition, integration and deployment, CompuCom and ThinAirApps have created a bundle that includes a choice of Palm Powered(TM) handhelds, provisioning of wireless service, preloading ThinAir Groupware Access client software, onsite installation of ThinAir Server software and ongoing technical support. Palm will promote this new solution to enterprises through multiple marketing communication vehicles.

"Palm Powered handhelds are extremely popular information management devices, and the desire for people to use them to work with their corporate messaging systems is very high. But until now, enterprises wanting to take advantage of our powerful software application have had to patch together their own solution from a number of vendors," stated Bret Brase, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ThinAirApps. "This bundle with CompuCom is just what enterprises need to accelerate their entry into the world of wireless data access."

Details of the solution include:

-- Ability for Microsoft Outlook(R) and Lotus Notes(R) users to

        work in real-time with email, all private and public folders,
        calendars, contacts, tasks and notes including creating,
        sending, receiving and updating items in real-time without the
        need to synchronize in a cradle

    --  Deployable in any corporate network environment using the
        Java(R)-based ThinAir Server

    --  Robust, standards-based security employing RSA's 128-bit SSL
        encryption over public Internet in addition to multiple
        authentication levels

    --  Runs on the ThinAir Server platform that is extensible to
        other data sources via the ThinAir SDK (software development
        kit) to build highly customized applications

    --  Offers a single-source solution for obtaining wireless e-mail
        on a Palm Powered handheld built on the ThinAirApps software

"This integrated service eliminates the obstacles companies face during large-scale Palm(TM) handheld rollouts," says Dan Elliott, Vice President of Mobile Business Solutions for CompuCom. "CompuCom's Rapid Deployment service provides clients with one-stop shopping for rapidly deploying wireless handheld and mobile devices into the enterprise. This robust solution covers device acquisition and activation, network service, client software pre-loading, server software installation, training and support."

"CompuCom's bundling of ThinAir's Groupware Access for Palm Powered handhelds provides enterprises with a secure and convenient way to stay connected while away from the office," said Jerry Jalaba, vice president, Enterprise, at Palm, Inc. "Enabling e-mail applications is an important focus area for the enterprise marketplace, and this offering addresses a complete end-to-end messaging solution. We're delighted to see our alliances in the Palm Economy deliver a turnkey Palm VIIx handheld mobile application to the market."

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