Ericsson chosen as UMTS supplier by TMN in Portugal

Ericsson has been selected as the primary supplier for UMTS radio access network equipment by TMN, Portugal's largest mobile operator. This decision again confirms Ericsson's position of global leadership in UMTS. Ericsson has to date been named a supplier in 23 UMTS agreements.

Under the agreement, Ericsson will supply the largest share of TMN's radio access network for UMTS and will deliver a complete turn-key project for the northern part of Portugal, including services.

"It is with great pleasure that we selected Ericsson as our partner for the build out of our UMTS network in Portugal," says Iriarte Esteves, CEO of TMN. "We have been working closely together with Ericsson since a number of years in expanding and improving service quality in our GSM network. We now look forward to extending our successful collaboration to the 3rd generation of mobile networks and services to secure our continued leadership on the Portuguese market."

Ericsson has been a supplier to TMN's GSM network since 1997 for part of northern Portugal and the city of Porto. This agreement with TMN will ensure a smooth migration from second generation to third generation services. TMN, part of the Portugal Telecom Group, is the largest mobile network operator in Portugal, known for its innovative role in the mobile services market.

"We, at Ericsson, are delighted to work together with a leading and very innovative operator such as TMN in building the mobile Internet market in Portugal, and we are grateful that TMN chose Ericsson as their principal supplier for the UMTS radio access network," comments Eduardo Restuccia, President of Ericsson Portugal. "We see this as the result of our strong commitment to the Portuguese market and the high level of quality and competence we stand for in Portugal. To be chosen by TMN also again confirms Ericsson's global leadership in 3rd generation networks."

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