Ericsson launches Service Network solution for mass-market Mobile Internet

The Ericsson Service Network is a new service creation and delivery solution, designed to help operators and service providers to bring their Mobile Internet services into a mass market.

The Ericsson Service Network will facilitate the Mobile Internet mass market by allowing new services to be developed, operated and launched with greater ease and efficiency. End-users will enjoy a personalized easy- to-use service environment, which they can reach from any type of access device, fixed, or mobile.

The Service Network is a network server-based solution that enables seamless service delivery between the many different services and applications, access methods, underlying technologies and user devices based on IP-technology. The solution is ready for General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), which will offer 'always on' connectivity to the Mobile Internet, and has a defined evolution path for 3G mobile communications.

"The Service Network is the tool that lets operators really take Mobile Internet services to a mass market," says Lars Boman, president of Ericsson Internet Applications and Solutions. "It will offer an environment where operators, service providers and application developers can connect, adding value to their service offerings and meeting the growing demand for personalized services."

"For application developers and service providers the Service Network will offer greater functionality," Boman continues. "We are making open APIs available which allow developers to make and test applications and get them out into the market quickly. The Service Network will give service providers an environment where they can easily market their services to subscribers over potentially hundreds of networks. Our goal is to help operators manage their Mobile Internet businesses successfully."

The significance of the Service Network is underlined by the trend in telecoms from vertical integration to a horizontally layered model, with applications and services separated from the network. Virtually any application or service can be provided over any network technology. This makes the creation of an enabling layer - the Service Network - essential.

These layered network architecture principles - with open protocols and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) - are being standardized by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), fully supported by Ericsson.

Service provision will be more complex. Each application will need to be able to use many different technology platforms - for example, personalization, billing, positioning, messaging and e-commerce systems - in an integrated way. The Service Network gives operators the power to adapt the functionality of the Mobile Internet to meet these challenges quickly.

The Service Network is designed to help operators and service providers bring services to market in the most efficient way possible. For example, a third-party application developer working closely with a mobile operator will be able to enter the operator's Developer's Zone solution, hosted within the Service Network, and log on to their own page. From there they can check existing services and create new applications, downloading them to the operator's application server to be approved. When ready, the operator can make the application available publicly and send targeted alerts to customers whose profiles match that of the application categories.

The Ericsson Service Network platform has three main elements: Building blocks - separate offerings with building components from the Service Network platform. Pre-integrated packages - a set of pre-integrated components, supplied with system integration services if required. Consulting and system integration - services for building complete, tailor-made solutions.

To build a Service Network solution Ericsson can pick from the building blocks the customer needs, which pre-packaged solutions the customer wants and then put them together to build the solution through its consultancy and system integration services.

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