EverSystems' Introduces New Secure Micro-Payments Technology for Mobile Devices

With EverSystems' MobilePayments, Cellular and Handheld Devices are Transformed into Electronic Wallets

EverSystems, the leading supplier of e-Banking solutions for the Latin American financial services industry, is pleased to announce the release of MobilePayments, a secure micro-payments platform for point-of-sale transactions which effectively transforms any mobile device into an electronic wallet. With MobilePayments, individual cellular subscribers enjoy the freedom and flexibility to purchase a wide variety of products and services, including items such as movie tickets, gas station fill-ups, smart card recharges, as well as food from vending machines and restaurants, all with a simple phone call.

Introduced in the form of a next-generation vending machine at the recent Pan-Latin E-Banking conference in Miami, the MobilePayments platform received a warm welcome from many of Latin America's leading e-Banking executives. Attendees were treated to complementary sodas, all "purchased" using their own cell phones. After the demonstration, Marco A. Gomez, Head of Latin American Multinationals at Bank of America stated, "EverSystems seems to understand the direction of M-commerce in the region."


In addition to providing consumers with added freedom in their purchase decisions, MobilePayments also allows them flexibility in their choice of payment. Purchases can be made using a variety of payment options, including direct billing to the customer's cellular phone statement, charges to a credit or debit card, or even through direct withdrawals from the customer's bank account.

"MobilePayments simply provides greater convenience and flexibility to the mobile consumer," stated Cristian G. Balbontin, COO of EverSystems. "This secure technology enables individuals to make purchases wherever their active lifestyle demands. Clearly, such a service will offer a strong point of competitive differentiation to any vendor seeking to satisfy today's on-the-go consumer," said Balbontin.

Ease of Deployment

MobilePayments technology also provides flexibility to banks, cellular service providers and other parties interested in offering point-of-sale transactions across multiple channels. EverSystems' advanced cryptography enables absolutely secure electronic transactions, using 128-bit encryption or greater, across a range of wireless devices including cellular phones and PDAs. When used in tandem with EverSystems' other innovative applications, such as HandheldBanking, e-SmartMail or CellularBanking, organizations can keep their customers close, even when they are on the move.

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