Gelco and WalletWare Partner to Launch Expense Report Service on Palm Handhelds

Gelco Information Network, the largest and most experienced provider of web-based workplace services and software, specializing in business expense management, today announced that it has partnered with WalletWare.

WalletWare's ExpensePlus(R), a Palm OS(R) platform based software package that captures business travel expenses on Palm(TM) handheld computers, will integrate with Gelco's ExpenseLink(R) products.

ExpensePlus, a powerful yet easy-to-use software package for Palm OS platform based handhelds, will link with Gelco's ExpenseLink(R)/Direct product to allow mobile travelers to easily record and track expenses when, and where, they occur. Users synchronize expense data entered into the Palm handheld with their desktop version of ExpenseLink providing an automated T&E management service - including submission, credit card download, approval, and reimbursement.

"Gelco and its partners are looking into the near future to the time when business travelers will take advantage of smaller Internet appliances. This partnership allows mobile users to more quickly and accurately track expenses on their Palm handhelds. The ability to quickly and seamlessly sync those expenses to Gelco is the best of two worlds - convenience for the traveler and fast, accurate expense management for companies," said Jon Klem, Gelco's president and CEO.

"Expense management continues to be an important feature for business travelers and their employers," said Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director of alliance and partner services at Palm, Inc. "The partnership between Gelco and WalletWare demonstrates how companies can successfully leverage the Palm OS platform to create mobile solutions for Palm handheld users."

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