Handango Offers Best-of-Class Handheld Software Suites for Healthcare Professionals and Medical Students

Handango, the complete source for handheld and wireless computing for professionals, is now offering three comprehensive healthcare-related software collections specifically designed for healthcare professionals and medical students.

As part of the Handango Software Suites line, these healthcare suites were formulated with best-of-class applications, tested for quality, and reviewed for satisfaction.

The Handango Healthcare Suites help medical professionals improve patient care and reduce expenses. The medical reference modules enable healthcare professionals to carry several references on a single handheld device and dramatically improve patient care by providing point-of-care information on drug interactions, dosage, patient history and other critical drug and patient information.

In addition, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities can improve profitability using charge capture software that captures procedures and point-of-care information and electronically synchronizes with the existing charge capture systems, thereby reducing administrative expense from data re-entry.

"Our goal was to make the buying decision easier for the customer. Busy healthcare professionals do not have time to sift through thousands of applications," said Laura Rippy, CEO of Handango. "From our breadth of healthcare applications, we researched customer feedback, tested them for quality and determined the best handheld programs to address the needs of doctors, residents and medical students."

The three healthcare suites include:

Handango Healthcare Suite: For doctors, nurses and medical students.

Includes a drug database, medical calculator and a medical dictionary.

Handango Healthcare Professional Suite: For medical residents and new physicians. Includes a patient tracker program, clinical reference guide, drug database, medical references, medical calculator and a medical dictionary.

Handango Healthcare Advanced Suite: For practicing physicians. Includes a drug database, drug interaction references, medical references, a pregnancy calculator and a medical calculator. In addition, this suite includes software to capture charges and CPT codes at the point-of-care and thereby reduce billing errors.

"Handango has made it easy to find the best applications to meet my needs," said Dr. Victor J. Hirsh of the Texas Cancer Center in Abilene. "The Handango Healthcare Professional Suite enables me to have in-depth medical information on a variety of medical illnesses, plus oncology drug monographs at the bedside has been an unbelievable improvement and timesaver to my practice."

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