Handspring Introduces VisorPhone World Phone to European Markets

VisorPhone Module Adds GSM World Phone and Enhanced Data Capabilities to Handspring's Popular Line of Visor Handheld Computers

Handspring (Nasdaq:HAND), a leading innovator of handheld computers, will introduce VisorPhone to the European market at 3GSM World Congress this week, with targeted customer availability in the first half of 2001. VisorPhone is a GSM world phone (900/1900 MHz) that leverages the robust PIM functionality and larger screen of Visor handhelds to bring Address Book dialing, enhanced caller ID, conference calling and other features to a new level of usability. Handspring is now making VisorPhone available to GSM carriers for testing and expects to begin selling the product in Europe this summer.

In addition, VisorPhone's SMS application coupled with the flexible and efficient text input functions of Palm OS make writing and managing messages compelling to a whole new class of subscribers. Handspring also intends to provide its own high-performance Web browser, Blazer, developed by recently acquired Bluelark Systems, to browse virtually any website. This and other applications will enable people to access the Internet, send and receive e-mail messages and even text chat using their Visor handheld and VisorPhone module.

"When we look back on the handheld industry years from now, we'll see it clearly divided into two periods of evolution: before and after wireless. The handheld industry is just now beginning to cross that divide," said Joe Sipher, vice president of product marketing. "We believe the handheld computer is the most compelling interface for mobile voice and data applications."

Joe Sipher will participate in a keynote panel session at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France highlighting the company's role in the continued development of wireless handheld solutions. The keynote will take place at 9:35 Friday 23rd February.

During 3GSM World Congress Handspring announced a partnership with Wavecom to explore the development of future wireless data products based on Wavecom's WISMO (wireless standard module) technology. WISMO is a family of dual-band GPRS-compatible GSM plug-in modules used for building products that enable wireless Internet and e-mail access. Additionally, OmniSky, a key Handspring partner in wireless communications, announced plans to bring its wireless e-mail and web services to European markets with VisorPhone and Handspring's 16-bit colour Visor Prism and high-performance Visor Platinum handhelds. OmniSky will be providing the full package of product and services at a competitive price point utilizing an aggressive rebate.

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