IntelliNet Offers GSMMAP ATI for 3G Networks

(GSM World Congress)-IntelliNet Technologies of Melbourne, Florida, USA, today released for general availability an ATI (Any Time Interrogation) version of their GSMMAP Application Development Environment. IntelliNet's GSMMAP//ATI is a select set of GSMMAP based messages that can provide the means for mobile service providers to obtain the location information of a mobile device in order to extend personalized 3rd Generation Network (3G) service to them.

The GSMMAP//ATI is the latest in a series of IntelliNet's product launches aimed at assisting providers preparing to offer 3G services. The ATI can locate, within a small range, the position of a particular GSM mobile. Hubert Divoux, an IntelliNet Technologies senior engineer, stated "What we have (the GSMMAP//ATI) allows for retrieving the cell ID of a specific GSM mobile. Typically in GSM system a cell can be few kilometers in diameter." It is a key building block that allows subscribers to use 3G handsets (PDA or mobile phone) to obtain information from an IP network and assimilate it to location based applications. Once implemented users, while away from home, would be able to access information about the area that they are visiting. Examples of use include: Finding restaurants and making reservations; locating nearby hotels and booking a room or receiving directions and maps when a subscriber is lost.

Service providers will benefit by being able to tailor services to demographic usage areas, monitor cells to determine areas of heavy usage and their peak times and streamline system resources according to demographic needs. The expected introduction of the 3G network structure (UMTS), in 2002, will expand the services provided by the GSMMAP//ATI. Future functionality could include the ability to customization of bandwidth availability, customized services based on geographic location (home, office or out of area) and offer global mobile service through a network of radio towers and satellites at a reduced cost.

According to Dr. Salim Alaoui, one of IntelliNet's senior engineers, "The specification mentioned is not the only one supporting this functionality; however, it is the latest one."

The GSMMAP//ATI locates a GSM mobile by requesting the subscriber state and location from the HLR (Home Location Register) or the GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center). It then requests relevant information pertaining to the 3G handset's geographic location, if applicable, when responding to the user's request.

The GSMMAP//ATI is the latest addition to IntelliNet Technologies' wireless SS7oIP product line. The company offers a family of SS7/IP development tools and services for the wireless market. Their most recently released products have been on the 3G Network.

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