Kmart Installs Symbol Wireless and Mobile Solutions

$70 Million Global Rollout of Symbol Hand-Held Computers, Wireless LAN Infrastructure To Maximize In-Store Efficiency, Productivity and Customer Service

Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL), announced a contract agreement with Kmart Corporation to implement in-store wireless and mobile computing solutions in its entire chain of more than 2,100 stores.

Kmart has teamed with Symbol on in-store wireless and mobile computing solutions for more than 10 years.

"Kmart's decision to invest in a global rollout of Symbol's wireless and mobile computing solutions will help to achieve our strategic imperatives of world class execution and developing a customer-centric culture," said Michael Jones, divisional vice president, information technology and customer experience. "This technology builds the infrastructure to enable every department company-wide to be linked and able to better satisfy and serve our customers."

Kmart has begun to implement Symbol's next-generation Spectrum24(R) wireless local area network (WLAN) and Symbol's PDT 6840 wireless handheld mobile computers. The PDT 6840's, which operate on the Spectrum24 WLAN backbone, are being utilized for back-end applications such as receiving, inventory and label printing, and on the sales floor for price checking and employee communications. Kmart is also installing Symbol scanning devices to serve as price checkers for customers.

As part of the agreement, Symbol will provide comprehensive services, including its Wireless Network Management System 2.0 that manages networks right down to individual devices.

"We value our long-standing relationship with Kmart, which was one of our pioneer wireless customers in 1990," said Tomo Razmilovic, president and CEO, Symbol Technologies. "Kmart's investment in our wireless, mobile computing and bar code scanning integrated solutions provides competitive advantage and quick bottom-line payback."

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