Luxxon Announces Availability of Streaming Media Solution for Wireless Operators Worldwide

Luxxon's Mediator(TM) Streaming System Enables Wireless Operators To Adapt Streaming Media Content To The Specific Display Capabilities Of Diverse Devices

Luxxon Corporation, a leading provider of adaptive streaming media technology, today announced the release of the Mediator Streaming System. The Mediator Streaming System provides wireless operators with a comprehensive streaming media solution that incorporates Luxxon's Mediator Transcoder and Mediator Server. The Mediator Streaming System enables wireless operators to adapt and deliver streaming audio and video from content providers to match the available network bandwidth, provisioning levels and specific display capabilities of an end-user's device regardless of whether it is a mobile phone, PDA, laptop, desktop computer, or Web appliance, among other devices.

"Imagine being able to use your cell phone to watch your child's soccer game as it happens from hundreds of miles away or to use your PDA to view a live picture of your child's daycare center just to reassure yourself that everything is alright," said Dave Singhal, president and CEO of Luxxon. "In order for these services to be adopted, wireless operators need to ensure that sending and receiving streaming multimedia is as easy as making a phone call. When you call someone, you don't need to know what type of phone the other person is using because you have confidence that they will be able to hear you. Luxxon's products enable wireless operators to deliver the same level of confidence when it comes to next-generation multimedia services and applications."

The creation and distribution of streaming multimedia services presents a number of challenges for wireless operators including: bandwidth, diverse client devices, dynamic wireless connections, increasing diversity of audio and video formats and content management. Major wireless operators around the world are using Luxxon's Mediator Streaming System in test trials and demonstrations. By incorporating Luxxon's Mediator Streaming System into the wireless network infrastructure, wireless operators are able to overcome the challenges, headaches and costs associated with delivering next-generation wireless services and applications.

Luxxon's Mediator Streaming System enables wireless operators to detect the type of client device and the display capabilities of that device and then dynamically adapt the bit rate, frame rate, color depth, and resolution of the media stream in real-time to match the available network bandwidth and specific capabilities of the particular device.

In addition, Luxxon's technology enables wireless operators to tailor video streams into the different formats required by diverse client devices such as MPEG-4, iMode, WAP Bitmap, M-JPEG, Real and WMT among others, even if the original source content was in a completely different format such as MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. The Mediator Streaming System is also capable of converting audio formats including: MP3, AAC, PCM, and GSM-AMR among others, so that audio content such as music can be tailored to match the capabilities of mobile phones, PDAs, or desktop computers. As a result, wireless operators only need to manage a single data stream, and they are assured that their content can be viewed or heard by anyone, on any device with optimal quality.

The Mediator Streaming System includes advanced features and functionality that allow wireless operators to quickly and efficiently provision and bill end-users for the new streaming media services.

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