Novatel Wireless Introduces Merlin for GPRS Wireless PC Card Modem

Novatel Wireless Announces Merlin for GPRS USA Beta and the Development of a European GPRS Product

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq:NVTL), a provider of wireless data access solutions, today unveiled the beta Merlin(TM) for GPRS Wireless PC Card Modem for use on the United States GPRS Network (1900 MHz) and the development of GPRS (900 -1800 MHz) products. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), a new high speed wireless digital packet data technology that overlays the GSM voice network, will enhance and improve the capabilities of wireless data devices for mobile computing by enabling cost-effective, high performance wireless data communication with transmission speeds of up to 56 Kbps.

"Novatel Wireless is excited to announce the beta testing of our Merlin for GPRS, as GPRS technology allows us to enter into the global arena," said John Major, CEO of Novatel Wireless. "GPRS technology, which leverages the global reach of GSM networks, is designed with global roaming in mind. Mobile professionals will have the ability to access their data regardless of which country they are traveling within."

"We expect a surge of wireless IP appliances like those provided by Novatel Wireless to help spur tremendous growth of data on wireless networks, enabling wireless service providers to differentiate services and create new avenues for generating revenue," said Peter MacKinnon, vice president and general manager, Applications and Devices, Nortel Networks.

The Merlin for GPRS is a mobile, high-speed data solution, providing wireless email, Internet and corporate LAN access through laptops or handheld PCs wherever GSM or GPRS service is available. Slightly larger than a credit card, Merlin for GPRS slides into your Type II PC Card slot, eliminating the need for space-consuming hardware and restrictive telephone wires. Merlin for GPRS is designed for Windows 98/2000/NT/CE and Mac OS 8 computers equipped with a Type II PC Card slot. Merlin for GPRS will be priced competitively with other wireless Type II card modems, offering functionality at a small price.

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