PTSC Patents Key Technology to Expand Potential of Web-Enabled Wireless Devices

PTSC (Patriot Scientific Corp.)(OTCBB:PTSC), which provides the leading ROSC Web processor for embedded applications, Thursday unveiled a revolutionary technology for Web-linked wireless devices.

This technology breakthrough brings previously undeliverable desktop-level quality service to palm, cell and Internet device markets by leveraging the respective strengths of Java and the Web to achieve a new level of wireless product functionality.

PTSC's Chairman and CEO Richard Blum stated, "The progress of wireless development has been hampered for years by power performance trade-offs, and we are excited to see this invention finally come to fruition as the long-awaited solution for wireless limitations. By matching speed to need for the first time to the operation of wireless devices, providers are able to offer a whole new range of extended services to customers."

Blum continued, "Where previously providers have been unable to supply enough battery energy to power graphics and other Internet-related images on handheld displays, this method will, for the first time, make the output of dynamic networks like the Internet truly portable."

Mike Korodi, vice president of sales and marketing, said, "The completion of this development and patent filing opens many doors for our company. Most exciting is that we are able to take to the market an upgrade on our existing product lines, which are already smaller in footprint, almost doubly more efficient in power utilization, multilingual in operation, highly competitive in price, and now deliverable with this new format. All of this comes together with our newly expanded sales and field engineering force that starts commercial operations by the end of this month. The first priority of this group will be to take this new development to a world market, identifying ways of reducing costs while expanding offered services."

"This technology will change the way the Internet interacts with local embedded processors," said Dr. Patrick Nunally, chief technology officer of PTSC. "We have become used to the idea of object-oriented languages dictating the way software is used in wireless devices. This patent goes well beyond that, allowing embedded processors to alter dynamically their own performance just in time to meet the immediate needs of the wireless Internet."

Nunally concluded, "This technology can be used by every embedded processor in the market and will change the way virtual machines, wireless devices, and consumers will utilize the Internet."

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