Pumatech's Intellisync Software to be Included With Xircom's Future Wireless Solutions

Incorporation Of Intellisync Will Enable Automatic Wireless Synchronization

Pumatech, Inc. (Nasdaq:PUMA), the leading provider of software infrastructure for the mobile world, today announced that its industry-leading Intellisync(R) synchronization software will be included with forthcoming wireless products by Xircom, a leading provider of mobile information access solutions. Xircom has licensed Pumatech's Intellisync software to facilitate synchronization of personal information management (PIM) information between desktop and notebook computers, PDAs, and other wireless devices, without the need for cables or other visible connections.

"Our support of Xircom's wireless products reflects our solid commitment to addressing the ever-changing needs of the mobile marketplace," said Brad Rowe, president, CEO and co-founder of Pumatech. "Synchronization and wireless mobile access will be crucial components defining the future of the overall mobile computing industry. We plan to combine our extensive experience in the mobile arena with cutting-edge innovations by Xircom to make wireless technology a key productivity tool."


Xircom's Bluetooth wireless solutions will give users unparalleled freedom by automatically keeping them organized and synchronized in the evolving mobile world. Xircom will incorporate Bluetooth functionality into its existing and future mobile access solutions, therefore offering one of the largest families of Bluetooth-enabled products on the market.

"We give mobile users the freedom and convenience to access the information they need without limitations," said Sharon Bosse, worldwide Bluetooth product manager from Xircom. "We chose Pumatech's Intellisync software to augment our upcoming Bluetooth solution because of its extensive experience in providing synchronization of information between devices such as handhelds, notebooks and desktops in a simple manner. With Intellisync, we are able to add value for our users by making data synchronization simple and accurate."

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