Sears to Install Symbol Wireless Mobile Computing Solutions Across 860 U.S. Retail Mall Stores

Rollout of Symbol Hand-Held Computers Aims To Improve Customer Service, Productivity

Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:SBL) has entered an agreement with Sears, Roebuck and Co. (NYSE:S) to implement next-generation, in-store wireless mobile computing solutions for the retailer's 860 U.S. full-line department stores. Value of the agreement was not disclosed.

Sears will use Symbol's SPT 1740 wireless handheld mobile computers to perform critical in-store, browser-based applications such as inventory, price change, merchandise pickup, receiving and replenishment. The technology will also be tied into Sears networked printers to provide mobile printing solutions. The Symbol computing devices are interoperable with Sears existing IEEE 802.11-compatible, wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure.

Sears will put in place nearly 15,000 of the Symbol handheld computers, which are based on the Palm O/S operating system and incorporate Symbol's browser. It will also install nearly 25,000 Spectrum24(R) WLAN cards.

The agreement includes escalated services and support, as well as software development for state-of-the-art mobile solutions designed to enhance in-store productivity. Symbol's Retail Systems Group, working closely with Sears store operations and information technology groups, is extensively writing HTML Java code that will reside on the in-store servers in support of Sears browser-based vision.

"The lightweight portability of the Symbol 1740 makes it an excellent device to support wireless computing in our full-line stores," said Michael LeRoy, director, store operations for Sears.

"Sears has a long history of pioneering the use of technology as a means to streamline its operations and provide the very best to its customers," said Tomo Razmilovic, president and chief executive officer, Symbol Technologies, Inc. "We're proud that Sears has chosen Symbol's advanced technology, and we look forward to a long and successful enterprise partnership."

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