SNAZ’s Leading-edge XML Transaction Middleware to Power New 12snap Offering

SNAZ Commerce Solutions, the world’s leading provider of m-commerce middleware, and 12snap, the world’s first provider of entertainment and shopping services via mobile phone, have partnered to offer new mobile transaction services to the nearly 400,000 12snap users in Germany.

SNAZ's XML/mXML transaction middleware is widely recognized as the leading technology to power mobile commerce. SNAZ’s core platform, which went live in North America in June 2000, is currently featured on Palm, Nextel, Rogers AT&T, and Omnisky. Through their partnership with Palm, Inc., the SNAZ platform has been available to Palm-PDA-users in Europe since November 2000.

“12snap has already proven that m-commerce is much more than a vision. With their strong brand name and reputation, they are the ideal partner to bring the benefits of our technology to millions of users”, said Pierre-Francois Marteau, Co-founder of SNAZ Europe and head of German operations.

“SNAZ’s leading-edge technology, and their excellent implementation track record in North America, convinced us that they were the right partners for us to introduce a service that will be one-of-a-kind in Europe”, declared Andreas Müller, Co-founder and CSO of 12snap AG.

Further details about the partnership, which will increase in geographic scope and functionality, will be unveiled in time for CeBit 2001 in March.

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