Synchrologic's iMobile Suite Delivers Key New Features for Managing Information and Devices in Mobile Enterprise

Simplifies mobile management while making workers more productive

Synchrologic today announced new features across its iMobile Suite enterprise mobile infrastructure solution. iMobile Suite provides a single solution for pervasive access to vital business information as well as managing the mobile devices used to access that information. iMobile Suite now includes more advanced technology and features to help corporations make mobile workers more productive, while decreasing the management burden for IT and maintaining a higher level of support for end users.

iMobile Suite's individual components are based on a common, shared technology platform. The new iMobile Suite features include, double-byte character set support, new client architecture for localization with international users, user profiling capabilities within the administrator console, and real-time scanning, providing real-time changes to mobile users.

Additionally, significant new functionality has been added to individual iMobile Suite components, as detailed below:

iMobile File Distribution Automates Intranet Publishing

iMobile File Distribution ensures that important files are delivered and stored locally on mobile devices. This guarantees that all users have the same mission-critical information on their devices at all times.

Key features include:

-- Automated distribution of file and Web-based information such

as human resource policies and forms, departmental
spreadsheets and documents, contracts, product information and
pricing sheets, and service manuals. Users do not have to
dial-in to the intranet to check for new versions of key

-- Assignment of Internet or intranet pages to particular users
or groups of users, giving mobile workers only the information
they need.

-- New file delivery options to streamline communications
handling for laptops where mobile user administrative rights
are limited. This gives administrators the added security to
`lockdown' mobile machines if necessary.

-- Clean retired files from users devices.

iMobile Software Distribution Mobile Device Management

iMobile Software Distribution frees users from the burden of installing software updates on their mobile devices by allowing system administrators to remotely track, configure and install applications.

Key features include:

-- Protects companies' "device image" for mobile laptops and

handheld PDAs while leveraging their investment in the
existing systems management tools they use for managing LAN
connected PCs.

-- Integration with Microsoft(R) Systems Management Server (SMS),
allowing administrators to import SMS publications for
optimized delivery to the mobile devices.

-- Enhanced sample scripting code to help administrators build
intelligent install packages.

-- Improved asset inventory collection options to optimize

iMobile Data Synchronization Mobilizes Enterprise Applications

iMobile Data Synchronization puts enterprise applications onto handhelds and laptops so that mobile workers have access to the same enterprise data on the road as in the office. This product replicates subsets of core enterprise application data warehouses onto targeted users mobile devices to enable employees to be more responsive to customer and partner inquiries and make more informed decisions on the go.

Key features include:

-- Increased scalability and reliability based on a clustered

server model with dynamic load balancing, fault tolerance and
error recovery. Because multiple servers support an enterprise
user community, if a given server fails mid-transaction,
iMobile Data Synchronization recovers that transaction and
dynamically routes it to another server to complete the work
without any data loss or interruption to end users.

-- Instant alerts of any failure to pagers, cell phones, or
network messaging.

Also, Synchrologic received a Mobility Award by Mobile Insights. iMobile Suite was recognized as the best software product for mobile resource management at the Mobile Insights Conference.


iMobile Suite pricing is based on the particular components purchased, devices supported and the number of users supported. The full suite for PCs would be $449 per user and for Palm or Pocket PC would be $259 per user, each assuming a 100-user license. The components above can each be purchased individually at prices ranging from $59 - $329 per user for PCs and $29 - $139 per user for handheld devices, assuming 100-seat minimum.

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