Synopsys Bluetooth Reference Design Kit Reduces Time to Market

Bluetooth RDK for Cocentric System Studio Enables Rapid Performance Exploration

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS) today announced the immediate availability of its Bluetooth(TM) Reference Design Kit (RDK) for CoCentric(TM) System Studio. The system-level reference design kit enables Bluetooth OEMs to bring their solutions to market more rapidly and allows them the competitive edge of offering higher performance solutions.

"The Synopsys Bluetooth Reference Design Kit decreased overall time to market by 12 months, and increased confidence in our first prototype by 75%," said Stan Skafidas, chief technology officer at Bandspeed, Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia and Austin, Texas.

The Synopsys Bluetooth RDK consists of a golden reference system-level model for the complete physical layer baseband design, including block diagrams, documentation and test benches. This enables faster design, performance optimization and easier standards compliance. With the Synopsys Bluetooth RDK, a designer starts with a fully working system model. This accelerates time-to-market and reduces the risk of misinterpreting the specification.

Also included in the Synopsys Bluetooth RDK are several applicable channel models. Channel models enable the designer to model accurately the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band and its complex propagation and interference problems. As the ISM frequency band quickly becomes more crowded and competitive, performance of Bluetooth products in their environment is likely to become a crucial differentiator for manufacturers. Bluetooth RDK channel models combined with the fast CoCentric System Studio compiled simulation engine enable engineers to improve design performance under environmental conditions.

Accurate models of Bluetooth radio frequency (RF) circuits are an important aspect of the physical layer performance optimization. Fast simulation of these models is achieved by using CoCentric System Studio with RF tools from Xpedion Design System, Inc. "Our GoldenGate(TM) Model Compiler automatically converts an RF circuit from its native GoldenGate RF simulation environment into a CoCentric System Studio model thereby enabling full end-to-end system performance testing and tradeoff analysis," said Richard Curtin, vice president of sales and marketing at Xpedion Design Systems, Inc. (

"Being compliant to a standard is no longer grounds for celebration -- it's just the beginning. Today's products also need to win the reviews in consumer magazines and to achieve this, performance is absolutely critical," said Chris Cavigioli, product marketing manager at Synopsys. "This is possible with the Synopsys Bluetooth Reference Design Kit and CoCentric System Studio."

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