ThinkersGroup Establishes Wireless Graphics Forum

ThinkersGroup has established a new forum, Wireless Graphics Forum, to promote the advancement of real time delivery of existing web graphics to wireless devices.

The Wireless Graphics Forum Web Site, currently under construction, will host member Discussion, Press, Tools, SDK's and more. This will allow collaboration to determine the standards in which Internet graphics will be delivered to digital cellular phones, PDA's and other wireless terminals. Wireless Graphics Forum aims to create a global protocol specification that works across differing wireless network technology types, for adoption by appropriate industry standards bodies.

Applications using Wireless Graphics Forum will be scaleable across a variety of transport options and device types. A common standard offers potential economies of scale, encouraging cellular phone and other device manufacturers to invest in developing compatible products. Consumers will benefit through more and varied choices in mobile communications applications, advanced services and Internet access.

New members are now welcome to join Wireless Graphic Forum for a limited time with NO fee. Members may contribute to the current specification work; participate in driving the continuing evolution of the Forum. In order to become members of the Forum, interested companies need to apply to join. All the details including the application form can be found on the web at

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