the wait is over!

With the addition of service from VoiceStream and Powertel, we now offer greatly expanded VisorPhone coverage, covering 24 of the top 25 markets across the country—that's over 4600 cities for nearly 90% of the US population*.

Want to find out if we have coverage in your neck of the woods? Our handy plan locator page will let you know. Get the answers to this and other VisorPhone questions at

* Plan availability determined by provider, coverage may not be available in all areas. VisorPhone currently not available in Canada.

more coverage—same great phone

Now that coverage is probably available in your area, we just wanted to remind you of all the great reasons to get a VisorPhone. Like having your mobile phone fully integrated into your Visor™ handheld's address book so you'll only need to carry one device, and enter information in one place. And with four easy ways to dial—including direct from the address book—simple three way calling, caller ID and the easiest SMS text messaging ever**, you'll save tons of time and aggravation. You can even get wireless Internet and email at speeds of up to 14.4 Kbps.

When you buy VisorPhone with service plan activation, it comes with everything you need to plug it in and start calling, including:
  • VisorPhone module
  • Rechargeable 680 mAh Lithium ion battery
  • Travel charger
  • User's guide
  • SIM card ***
  • Service plan and customer care information ***
We're even throwing in the headset for free so you can easily check your calendar while you chat on the phone.

** May require activation of additional feature, please check service plan information for details.
*** May be provided separately in some cases.

everybody's talking about VisorPhone

Of course we think that VisorPhone is really cool, but we're not the only ones. The press is giving it the thumbs–up, too. Here's what they have to say:

"As I made calls, I held the Visor by my ear as with an ordinary portable phone—no one gave me weird looks, and everything felt natural. I also made calls with an attached headset for hands–free operation. Where VisorPhone struts its stuff is in the module's clever integration with the PDA."
Ed Baig, USA Today

"In my tests, the VisorPhone worked just fine. I was able to make calls normally, and if I used a headset I was able to work on the Visor, looking things up or taking notes, while I talked—a great advantage."
Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal

"Handspring has effectively merged the most successful PDA—in this case a Visor running the Palm OS—with the most successful mobile communication model—cellular voice and data. While digital cellular data hasn't been that popular or successful, voice certainly has. Handspring's new VisorPhone allows you to have the best of both worlds all in one device. And here's the good news: it really works, and it works well."
Shawn Barnett, Pen Computing Magazine

Learn more about what all the talk is about at

handy tips

Quick dialing tips and SMS text messaging tricks...

Redialing Made Easy
You can redial the last number you called by holding down the Phone button for two seconds.

Quickly Dial Numbers From Outside Your Address Book
You can dial numbers from other applications such as the Memo Pad or To Do list. Just highlight the number you want to dial, press the Phone button and the number will automatically appear in the Dial box on the Dialpad screen. Then one tap dials the number.

Sending SMS Text Messages From Your Address Book
If the number you select from your address book is an SMS-enabled mobile phone number, you can send a text message instead of placing the call.**** Or, if you're already in the SMS text message application, you can do an instant address book lookup from the To: field to find the number you need.

**** May require activation of additional feature, please check service plan information for details.

Compose a quick note
Trying to compose an SMS text message in a hurry? Just choose sentences from our built-in pull-down list or combine them with your own text to personalize your message, and you're ready to send in no time at all.

and don't forget...

To protect your VisorPhone investment with a functional and fashionable case. Whether you want a rugged Sport case or a convenient Leather Belt Clip, we've got you covered. See the Accessories section at for these and other great VisorPhone accessories.

want to learn more?

See VisorPhone in action with our cool interactive demo. You'll see what it can do and how it works in detail. Almost as good as having one in your hand.

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