Wireless Rich Media and Internet-driven Applications Ahead for OmniSky Pocket PC Users

Technology Demonstration Shows Live Macromedia Flash Content and Applications Using Macromedia Flash Player on the Pocket PC -- All Via the OmniSky Wireless Service

OmniSky Corporation (Nasdaq:OMNY), the award-winning provider of branded wireless e-mail and Internet services for users of mobile devices, was the connecting force behind an innovative technology demonstration from the stage of Flashforward2001 Conference today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. In his keynote address, Kevin Lynch, president of products for Macromedia, will demo an example of Macromedia Flash content using the OmniSky wireless service for data-driven rich application development for the Pocket PC.

"For developers creating wireless flash applications for the Pocket PC, OmniSky is the best solution to deliver rich data driven wireless flash applications to their customers," said Phillip Torrone, lead software engineer at Fallon Minneapolis. "Macromedia Flash applications are a great way for developers to create content for the Pocket PC, but with the dynamic data and value-added services that OmniSky delivers through its wireless service, static content can become a fresh and addictive application that enhances the wireless user experience."

"What's exciting for consumers is that the OmniSky service combined with Macromedia Flash Player on a Pocket PC opens the door for rich media and Internet-driven applications over a wireless service -- without broadband," said Kristine Stebbins, vice president of marketing at OmniSky. "Because Macromedia Flash files are compact they're easily deployed over wireless networks and we expect to see a rapidly growing collection of Internet Flash sites and interactive applications optimized for mobile device users."

The Pocket PC platform provides developers with the most familiar developing environment because of the Windows-based kernel. Users benefit from the best Flash viewing experience available today on a wireless PDA due to the inherent 16-bit color, built-in audio capabilities and up to 206 MHz processing power.

"Our customers are continuing to benefit from the inherent capabilities of the Pocket PC platform," said Phil Holden, director of marketing, Microsoft Corp. "From a development standpoint, creation of new content can continue as it did before -- the majority of the existing Macromedia Flash content will run on Pocket PC today. From a consumer perspective, access to Flash games, animation and applications that leverage a live Internet connection through OmniSky will only broaden and ultimately enhance their experience."

Fallon Interactive demonstrated dynamic and live Internet Flash applications via the OmniSky service, including live stock quotes and news, live currency conversions, and a music video with integrated concert dates.

Flashforward2001 San Francisco features presentations by the world's top Macromedia Flash designers, programmers, and educators. The event offers numerous hands-on training and how-to sessions, endless networking possibilities, and several pre-conference workshops that are open to the public.

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