YadaYada and Certicom to Deliver Advanced Security for YadaYada Wireless Corporate Services

YadaYada to Bundle movianVPN to Enable End-to-End Security for Enterprise Users

YadaYada Inc., http://www.yadayada.com/, the first integrated wireless Internet service provider and personalized mobile Web portal for PDAs and Certicom (Nasdaq: CERT; TSE: CIC), a leading provider of mobile e-business security, today announced a partnership that will enable YadaYada to offer its corporate customers the most advanced security solution available. YadaYada will bundle and distribute movianVPN, the industry’s first virtual private networking (VPN) client for wireless devices that is broadly interoperable with leading VPN products, in all corporate applications on the YadaYada wireless platform. Corporate users of the YadaYada service will have immediate access to a wireless VPN solution that lets them access their corporate data using their company’s VPN gateway.

“As part of our effort to wirelessly-enable the enterprise market, we understand the importance of offering our customers secure access to their mission critical information," said David Waxman, Director of Business Development at YadaYada. "Partnering with Certicom enables us to provide the level of security that IT personnel are requesting, in a manner that enables them to simply extend their existing network security investments to wireless technologies. We are looking forward to penetrating the corporate space together.”

The agreement allows YadaYada to extend Certicom's industry-standard security for applications such as corporate email, synchronization services and any other TCP/IP based wireless applications. YadaYada will distribute movianVPN to its users who will be able to license the software directly from Certicom if their network environment and security policies require VPN access to their corporate intranet.

“Wireless services and applications for the corporate user are a key driver for the adoption of enterprise-level wireless data strategies,” said Jennifer Vancini, co-Managing Director, Certicom Corp. “We believe the combination of movianVPN with YadaYada’s Wireless Corporate Services will enable IT professionals to quickly and securely deploy the tools required by the increasingly mobile workforce.”

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