Ericsson demonstrates digital image transfer - from camera to mobile phone, from user to user

The strategic collaboration between Ericsson and Canon Inc. on transfer and management of images between digital cameras and wireless devices is already showing great results only a few months after the start of the collaboration. At CeBIT both companies are demonstrating how pictures taken by a Canon digital camera is transferred to an Ericsson phone using Bluetooth wireless technology, after which the pictures can be viewed in the phone display and sent as an e-mail attachment or an MMS message.

Initially announced on November 3, 2000, the agreement between Ericsson and Canon was the starting point for a strategic collaboration on simple, fast and reliable transfer and management of digital images between cameras and mobile devices using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Both companies believe that this joint development project will help drive the mobile Internet market and provide great opportunities for consumers, allowing them to use products that work smoothly together. The project is based on the latest Bluetooth wireless technology and an adaptation of the Still Imaging profile, including the OBEX standard protocol.

"This strategic partnership with Canon is an important step towards creating killer applications and products for consumers of next- generation wireless devices and networks," says Bo Albertson, Marketing Director Communication, Ericsson Mobile Communications. "Ericsson research shows that applications involving imaging will be among the most popular features in next generation mobile devices and a driver for the mobile Internet. Ericsson will benefit from the strategic partnership with Canon and their competence in the still image area by enabling connectivity and fun, and easy sharing of personal images and graphics over cellular networks,"says Albertson.

Already today, digital imaging products and wireless devices are two rapidly growing categories of consumer products, and the merging of these two technologies will create entirely new products and applications, such as multimedia messaging. The collaboration between Ericsson and Canon will result in consumer products from both companies, expected to be announced during the end of this year.

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