Abaco's Varadero 2.0 Ships with Additional Functionality for Rapid Mobile Enterprise Application Development

Abaco's Varadero Connects Mobile Users to the Enterprise in Real-Time

Abaco, the leading provider of mobile enterprise business solutions, today announced that it has begun shipping version 2.0 of Abaco's Varadero mobile application development framework and thin-client server.

The new version of the technology platform provides an open standards-based, fully graphical development environment for creating applications that connect enterprise front and back-ends to the mobile user in real-time. Its thin-client architecture allows developers to create code for a single application to deploy to any number of users, regardless of platform.

Abaco's Varadero, which has been adopted in various verticals including retail, process, commercial transportation, and manufacturing, allows Microsoft Visual Basic and Borland Delphi developers to create RF-connected enterprise applications for WinCE, PocketPC, Palm and TELNET-enabled mobile devices. Abaco has also developed special plug-ins that enable color, audio messaging, magnetic card readers, signature capture, portable printers and bar code scanners for complete mobile solutions.

"We have designed Varadero with the specific needs of the mobile enterprise in mind," said Eladio Alvarez, Abaco vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Sales. "We have added controls to the framework that enable portable printers, magnetic card readers and other mobile hardware extensions to provide everything you need to develop, deploy and maintain feature-rich mobile enterprise applications."

The thin-client architecture requires developers to write code for only a single application to deploy over different device platforms, saving valuable time in application development and deployment and providing more flexibility in their hardware selection. This server-based technology provides central administration for deployment of new or updated applications, without having to recall devices. Additionally, Varadero ensures that your initial application development investment is protected for future technologies since you will be able to reuse applications developed using these standard languages.

Abaco's Varadero provides an ultra-light, optimized communication protocol that allows mobile device users to work continuously and efficiently in wireless environments. Its ultra-thin client architecture requires little space on the client, helps minimize power consumption and allows for full graphical access to server-based applications.

"We are giving companies more flexibility in their hardware selection of mobile computing devices allowing them to use only one source code to deploy applications over PocketPC, WinCE, Palm and TELNET-enabled devices, mixing and matching devices and platforms however they choose," said Alvarez.

ERP leader SAP AG has adopted Abaco's Varadero as a Preferred Partner Platform for mobile computing, announcing that they will use it to bring global operational standards to their mobile business applications. In 2000, Abaco was honored by AIM, Inc. and Business Solutions magazine with a Total Solution Provider Award for Varadero. Mobile Insights also awarded this year's Moby Award for manufacturing just a few weeks ago to an Abaco client for their use of the technology platform.